7 Heartbreaking Details From The Trial Of The Nanny Who Fatally Stabbed Two Children In Her Care

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7 Heartbreaking Details From The Trial Of The Nanny Who Allegedly Stabbed Two Children Under Her Care
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She slit her own throat after killing the kids.

The trial began Thursday for the nanny who is accused of murdering two children she was babysitting in New York back 2012.

Yoselyn Ortega, 55, is charged with fatally stabbing Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, on October 25, 2012, in their Upper West side apartment.

The mother described the “nightmare” of a scene upon finding them dead as she recounted the horror of finding her two children dead in a bathtub.

“I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare that I knew wasn’t a nightmare,” Marina Krim told the jury. “It was real.”

Ortega had been employed by the Krims for two years before she allegedly slaughtered their children.

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Prosecutors are certain there is enough evidence to prove she is guilty, though Ortega pleaded insanity.

“These are the undisputed facts in this case. And these are the facts and the evidence will prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intentionally murdered Lulu and Leo Krim on Oct. 25, 2012,” the prosecutor said. “That she knew what she was doing when she killed them and that she knew what she was doing wrong,” the prosecutor said.

Here is everything you need to know about the case against the nanny who allegedly killed two children:

1. The mother discovered her dead children.

Krim rushed back to her Upper West Side home after she went to meet Ortega and Lucia, nickname Lulu, at ballet class but they were nowhere to be found. The mother knew something was wrong.

She and her 3-year-old daughter Nessie walked in on a “nightmare” of a scene. Lulu and Leo were dead in the bathtub and Ortega was stabbing herself in the throat, CBS reports.

“It’s like a total horror movie. I walk down the hall and I see the light on under the door,” she said while telling the story as a witness in court. “I see LuLu. I knew that she was dead. She’s lying in the bathtub and her eyes are open. I see Leo next to her. They had blood on them.

“Then, I see the defendant — blood all over her and eyes bugging out.”

Ortega had stacked the children’s bodies on top of each other to bleed out in the tub.

“She killed my best friends,” Krim said between tears.

2. Lulu had nearly 30 stab wounds.


The 6-year-old was found with almost 30 stab wounds and Leo had five.

“Leo was too small to struggle,” prosecutor Courtney Groves said in her opening statement. “But Lulu, 6 years old, fought back.”

The prosecutor said that Lulu tried to defend herself against Ortega, CBS reports.

“She knew what she was doing, she knew what was happening, she understood what the defendant was doing, she fought to live,” the prosecutor said. “And the defendant repaid LuLu’s resistance with almost 30 different stab and slash wounds to her body and her neck.”

3. Ortega is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder.

The nanny is being charged with the deaths of both children in 2012.

When asked what happened that October day, Ortega simply replied, “The mother knows.”

The New York Post reports that Groves said Ortega was alone with the kids for an hour and a half as she stabbed them to death.

“For the 90 minutes she was alone with Lulu and Leo … she brutally butchered both children, slitting their throats,” Groves said in her opening statements.

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4. Ortega admitted to killing the kids a week after.

According to the New York Times, Ortega was on a ventilator in the hospital on Halloween in 2012, when she admitted to slaying the 2 and 6-year old children.

Though she was unable to speak, Ortega communicated with investigators by pointing to either “yes” or “no” on a chart.

“She admitted that she had killed the kids and that she had used at least two knives,” former Manhattan prosecutor Gregory B. LeDonne said.

5. Ortega resented Krim.


Prosecutors said that Ortega was driven to kill the children out of pure resentment.

“[She] resented Marina Krim for everything she was and everything she had,” Groves said. “She seethed that Marina would ask her to do additional work.”

Ortega had told police that Krim asked too much of her, according to prosecutors.

“I had to do everything and take care of the kids,” Ortega said. “I worked as a babysitter only, and she wanted me to do everything. She wanted five hours of cleaning every week.”

Krim quickly argued that she and her husband always tried to help the nanny out and even bought her plane tickets to visit her family in the Dominican Republic.

6. Ortega pleaded not guilty and claimed insanity.

Defense attorney Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg said that Ortega suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness, a report by the New York Post says.

CBS reports that Ortega claims to have heard voices telling her to kill the children.

“The evidence will show that she has a corroborated history of hearing voices and disassociating from reality, since the age of 16,” Van Leer-Greenberg said.

The caregiver “lacked the ability to make any decision” the day she allegedly killed Lulu and Leo, Van Leer-Greenberg continued. The defense attorney is making a case for insanity.

“My argument is that there was no planfulness and no deliberation,” Van Leer-Greenberg said. “The lack of motive in this case is the hallmark of a mentally ill offender.”

7. Krim confronted Ortega directly.

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When called to be the first witness at the trial, Krim took a minute to walk up to the witness chair.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry. I need to look [at her],” she said. “My hands are tingling right now. You are just out of this world.”

She then apologized to lawyers for taking so long and asked them to be patient as she proceeded to take a seat and glare at Ortega.

“You’re gross,” Kim told Ortega as she left the courtroom. “You’re disgusting.”

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