New Details About Charlie Puth And Selena Gomez's Relationship — And How Justin Bieber Is The Reason They Broke Up

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Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez

Charlie and Selena's collab "We Don't Talk Anymore" has so much more meaning now.

We finally have an answer to what was quite possibly the greatest mystery of 2016. In an interview with Billboard, Charlie Puth confirmed that he dated Selena Gomez. 

While collaborating on the hit song "We Don't Talk Anymore," Charlie and Selena continuously denied any rumors that they were together. That is until now. 

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"I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can come across as real is if there’s something going on behind the scenes,” he revealed during the interview. “And that’s what was happening [with Gomez]." 

"Very short-lived, very small, but very impactful. And it really messed me up."

Puth hinted that there may have been another guy in the picture. 

"I’m trying to put this the best way possible: It wasn’t like I was the only person on her mind," he said. "And I think I knew that going in — what I was getting myself into.”

Around the same time that the Charlie and Selena rumors were buzzing, talk started that she was also rekindling a friendship with her ex Justin Bieber. 

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And the rumor that Justin and Selena's friendship/potential romance was the reason why she and Charlie split isn't without some reason. During a concert in March of 2016, he was singing "We Don't Talk Anymore." and said "F--k you, Justin Bieber" in the middle of the lyrics. 

He later said that it was just a joke. 

“[The song] is about a particular moment in my life when someone very close to me wanted the attention of somebody else," Charlie told the magazine. "When I found that out and we ended it, I might have done shady things, too, and she might have asked me, ‘How long has this been going on?!'”

Selena has not commented on the relationship. 

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