Awful New Details About The Couple Who Killed Two Of Their Children After Their Sibling Stole A Bagel

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Shaun Tara, Delylah

They had three children total.

A couple accused of torturing three children and killing two of them recently revealed that a stolen bagel might have been the trigger that started the murders. 

Prosecutors in the cases of Gonzalo Curiel, 20, and Tami Joy Huntsman 42, said that on Thanksgiving in 2015, Huntsman received a free turkey for her family. But the three children — who were left in her care after their mother died and their father went to prison — weren't allowed to have any. 

So the surviving victim, who's only being named as Jane Doe, stole a bagel. 

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"That led to the beatings," said District Attorney Steve Somers. "The hardest and strongest beatings, that led to the two other kids' deaths. She (Jane Doe) feels tremendous weight and responsibility.

The bodies of the children who died, 6-year-old Shaun Tara and 3-year-old Delylah, were hidden inside a storage unit. 


Police were tipped off to the murders after Jane Doe, who was 9 at the time, was hospitalized as a result of starvation and abuse. Huntsman's mother, Joy Tara, was the one who notified police that Jane Doe had two more siblings. 

They could be on the side of the road, or buried somewhere,” she told Plumas Country Sheriff's Det. Steve Peay at the time. 

Curiel eventually told him the kids "were in storage bins." 

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Joy Tara also blamed Curiel for the children's deaths. 

“99.9 percent of this is Gonzo. Gonzo would starve and beat those kids,” Joy Tara said. “I can vouch for that."

Jane Doe told police about the other abuse she and her siblings endured, which included being exposed to cold water and being locked in a bathroom. "

"At one point, (Jane Doe) decided she wanted to get her brother and sister away and tried to escape through a bathroom window," Somers said. 

Both Curiel and Hunstman pleaded not guilty and face murder, torture and child abuse charges. 

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