The BIZARRE Things Your Favorite Color Says About You

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what your favorite color says about you

If I want to feel cool and confident, I dress in black, but if I’m feeling fun, I might decide on wearing a vibrant multi-colored print or an eye-popping purple. I use color to not only project how I want to feel but it can alter my mood as well.

Sometimes color creates a feeling. I know if I wear my pink sneakers, I’m going to feel good and happy. It’s more than how comfy they are, it’s that pink color. For me, it’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood if I’m wearing pink.

The way we react to different colors is different for everyone. While black may feel sophisticated to me, for someone else, it’s something you'd wear to a funeral or feel depressed wearing.

Every culture has their own ways of interpreting color. For many cultures, brides wear white, but in India, the bridal dress is often in red.

Our preference for certain colors doesn't just pertain to the clothing that we wear, but the colors we choose in the things we buy or the ones we use in decorating our houses. We give off information about ourselves by the colors we choose, but more than that, our favorite colors can reveal a lot about our personalities.

Since colors stimulate us in ways that are unique to us, and the way that we react is different than anybody else, it’s not surprising that there is a color psychology which suggests that colors actually influence our decision-making processes, our actions, and our personality traits.

Here's what your favorite color says about you and your personality.


If your favorite color is white, you tend to be organized and logical. You like things to be put in their place and you gravitate towards minimalism. You don't do clutter, knick-knacks, and junk well — you'd rather your home be sparse with a few good pieces of furniture than a lot of stuff collecting dust.

You may be a bit of a neat-freak and perfectionist but that doesn't stop you from having a positive attitude. Every new day is a chance to do better.


If your favorite color is grey, you like things to be harmonious and to not get too out-of-control. You try to stay neutral and not get too involved in other people's squabbles. You're fair, level-headed, and are fashion-forward without falling for fads that will be out quickly.

You can be indecisive and sometimes wish that you could trust other people to make the tough decisions for you. But you know that ultimately, you'll need to decide things for yourself.


Obviously, if pink is your favorite color you have a preference for cute and sweet things. However, if you love pink, it doesn't mean you wish to be babied. You're actually a very nurturing and caring person.

As a friend, you're always there when needed and are able to see the upside of things. You're everyone's first choice as a babysitter since you enjoy spending time with children and you have a natural happiness about you.


If you find yourself drawn to the color red it means that you love to live life to the fullest and are very focused on your endeavors. You like to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. You're not a shrinking violet in any situation and will stand up for yourself or anyone that needs you as an advocate.

You're not shy, make friends easily, and try to fit as many new experiences into each day as possible. You have a strong sexual side and somewhat of a temper — in other words, you're passionate about all things.


If you find yourself choosing yellow again and again, you've got a cheery disposition and a thirst for knowledge. You love learning but you're not always into being in school, so much of your knowledge comes from studying on your own. You often have your head in a book or an E-reader.

You love giving advice and your advice is usually very good. You have many friends but prefer small groups as opposed to huge parties. You tend to keep your feelings to yourself so that you can keep that cheerful exterior intact.

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If your favorite color is orange, you've got the best of both red and yellow. You're bold, cheerful, high-energy, and smart. You're very social and are usually the bridge between groups of people, bringing them together. You like to stand out but in a warm less sexual way.

You tend to be grateful for every moment of life, and when things happen that might destroy someone else, you try to see it as a lesson that you needed to learn, and you pick yourself up and persevere.


If your favorite color is green, you're affectionate, loyal, and straightforward. You're aware of what others think of you and do take your reputation seriously, but you also won't allow the opinions of other people stop you from doing what you need to do.

You adore nature and finding that a glimpse of a tree swaying in the breeze or a brisk hike is the surest way to get you back on track. You strive to make sure that your carbon footprint is practically non-existent.


If blue is your favorite color, you don't enjoy upheaval or change. You like to keep things calm, harmonious, and stable. You're very empathetic towards other people and often consider the needs of those closest to you as much as you do your own.

You practice self-care and that includes not just your body, but your mind, spirit, and heart as well. You try to be even and not get too emotional. Meditation is very helpful for you as are breathing exercises. 


If you love the color purple, you're artistic, unique, and humorous. You are a natural monarch, and if you're not the Queen or King of somewhere, it doesn't matter as you still carry yourself with regal bearing. You enjoy splurging and indulging yourself when you've earned it.

You're wise and very self-aware. You know when you've gone too far and must pull back. You've got big dreams and the energy to turn them into reality.

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If your favorite color is gold, then you're truly one of a kind. You're very charismatic and you tend to have a ton of friends. People look up to you and like to be around you because you make them feel good about themselves. You're lucky with money which can be problematic when those so-called friends are only after you to get something out of you.

However, it's practically impossible to con you which makes you careful about who you'll allow into your inner circle. You're detailed-orientated and tend to succeed at everything you do. You rarely get sick, even when everyone around you is puking their guts out.


If you love the color brown then you're down-to-earth and have a lot of character. People feel that they can rely on you and that you won't let them down. You don't put on airs and are exactly who you appear to be — there's no unpleasant reveal where you're concerned.

Your personality is warm but not dull as you can be extremely sharp and funny. You may be dependable but you're not somebody who allows themselves to be taken advantage of. You give back what you get from others.


If black is your favorite color then you're artistic, rebellious, sometimes sarcastic, and mysterious. People may assume you favor the dark side of life but that tends not to be true. You're powerful and not overly effusive.

You like to be in be control which can come off as cold. You're not unfeeling or hard-hearted, just careful. You don't like getting hurt or for people to use your emotions against you. Black is a very protective color and it protects you from harm. 


If silver is the color that you gravitate towards most, then you are elegant, sophisticated, and always on point. Being described as flashy, trashy, and/or gaudy would mortify you. You're great with technology and are always up on the latest device.

You always seem to know exactly what to say or do in every situation. It coul be that your instincts are excellent or that you have a special power in knowing what is needed to be perfectly appropriate.

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