Don't Wait For Him! 33 Reasons You Should Buy Yourself Flowers

Photo: Unsplash 
33 Reasons You Should Buy YOURSELF Flowers

Single or taken, either way you deserve flowers for special occasions, for Mondays, and just because you woke up today. After all, we all know there's just something about looking at fresh flowers on your desk, or on your kitchen counter, that give you the warm and fuzzies all over and every time you glance their way.

You innately smile when you see them and it's a nice reminder that you're appreciated. And on that point, you should always remember that you're appreciated. What we forget is that one of the people who should appreciate you the most is you. Yes, it aligns with the whole "love yourself first" theory (blah, blah, blah). I don't want to lose you here with that concept though.

What I'm talking about is celebrating you. I'm suggesting you praise yourself, reward yourself, and give yourself a damn break, girl! You do so much and still you think it's too little. It's about time you give in to one small reminder that you're enough to yourself and to this crazy world we try with every breath to make a footprint in.

Don't have a vase to put these in? Get a custom wine bottle to celebrate yourself and place a few flowers in once it's empty.

You never need someone else to prove how great you are, or to boost your self-esteem. You don't need a boyfriend to get you a bouquet for your anniversary (or more likely apology flowers). You don't need your mom to send you "I'm thinking of you, honey" flowers, either. All you need is the realization that you owe yourself this little guilty pleasure and know that it's perfectly OK to gift yourself every once in awhile.

Allow your appreciation to bloom in whatever floret you prefer, whether you enjoy sunflowers, daisies, lilies, or orchids. Just pick a petal! These are all the reasons why you should go out and buy yourself flowers right this instant:

1. Because you're awesome. Duh.

2. Because you're better than you think you are.

3. Because you're loved (by others and yourself).

4. Because you have survived a lot.

5. Because you have a lot of ahead of you.

6. Because they'll brighten up your home.

7. Because you know fake flowers beat fresh flowers.

8. Because you deserve a few dollars worth of happiness.

9. Because today is the "someday" you always mention.

10. Because $5 flowers smell stronger than a $30 candle.

11. Because you've succeeded in your life.

12. Because you've learned a lot in your life.

13. Because you've made many people smile.

14. Because you've made many people laugh.

15. Because you've made yourself both smile and laugh.

16. Because you're wholly and fully yourself.

17. Because you're vibrantly alive.

18. Because you've learned to cry.

19. Because you've known what it's like to fall.

20. Because you've gotten good at rising.

21. Because you're limitless.

22. Because you're fearless.

23. Because you embrace your flaws.

24. Because you did something good today.

25. Because you'll do something good tomorrow.

26. Because you're absolutely beautiful.

27. Because you're OK without being OK.

28. Because you're uniquely yourself.

29. Because there's still so much to learn about yourself.

30. Because you deserve something nice.

31. Because you don't need a reason.

32. Because you're perfect in every imperfect way.

33. Because why not?