New Details About Why Kim Kardashian Deleted Her Family's Christmas Card Pics From Her Instagram Account

Kim Kardashian Family Christmas Card
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The photos noticeably didn't feature the reportedly pregnant Kylie Jenner.

Something is obviously wrong in the world of the royal Kardashian family because Kim just pulled a very questionable social media move. 

Remember those 25 days of Kardashian Christmas photos everyone was obsessing over for a hint of a Kylie Jenner baby bump? Well just three days after the anticlimactic reveal of the final Kardashian Christmas card, Kim has deleted all 25 photos from Instagram. 

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If you recall, those of us who have been on Kylie baby watch for months now were very upset when the reality star was missing from the annual family Christmas card. Rob was missing too, but he's not been toying a pregnancy announcement with his fans for three months. 

The fact that Kylie's pregnancy wasn't revealed like many people hoped it would be caused quite a social media stir. Maybe enough so that it prompted Kim to delete the photos all together? 

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Kim, who was the creative director for the photo shoot, was slammed by some fans for the "boring" finale to the Christmas card. 

Though the pictures have been deleted from Kim's Instagram profile, they're still on her Twitter feed. Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner still have the photos on their Instagram accounts. 

Though Kim hasn't addressed why she deleted the photos, they did stir some serious controversy. 

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Scott Disick wasn't pictured and Kourtney's boyfriend Younes Bendjima was also absent. Kim's husband Kanye West was also not in the final photo, which was strange because he was seen in the teasers. 

There were also some theories that Kendall Jenner was Photoshopped into every frame. 

Though Khloe was in all the photos, she didn't post any of them to her own social media accounts. 

While deleting the photos could just be her cleaning up her feed, it could be a result of the backlash the photos have caused. 

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