Sad New Details About The Woman Who Accidentally Killed Herself While Trying To Stop Her Boyfriend From Committing Suicide

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Corinne Hayes
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Corinne Hayes was 23 years old.

Police are releasing new details about the woman who accidentally killed herself in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from committing suicide. 

Corinne Hayes, 23, was afraid her boyfriend, 33-year-old Brian Marshall, was about to kill himself. So she texted him and said that she would "hang herself first." 

"If you are going to do it, so am I," she wrote. "Meet you on the other side." 

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Officers think the healthcare worker believed that Marshall would find her in time. But he didn't. He said he didn't see the text in time, and when he got home, it was too late to save her. 

Marshall found Hayes hanging. 


The couple got together in September of 2016, and Hayes family said it soon became clear that he suffered from mental health problems. Hayes herself had also been diagnosed with anxiety. 

Though her mother had concerns about their relationship, Hayes said she loved him. Her mom said her daughter wasn't suicidal. 

"She had plans to go to Parklife festival the next day with her friend Sarah, she had just got a promotion at work and had everything to look forward to," she said. "As far as I knew she had never attempted to self harm and she was always so happy."

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On the night Hayes died, Marshall had a party at his apartment. She wasn't invited but came over around midnight, and the couple began to argue. One of his friends claims he saw Hayes hit Marshall in the face and yelled that he tried to strangle her. 

Hayes later texted Marshall and said: "If you are going to do something I couldn't hack it. I couldn't live without it." 


She sent her last text to Marshall around 1 a.m. Around 2:30 a.m., he returned to the apartment with two of his friends. He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after police got to the flat because he expressed a desire to hurt himself. 

"I don’t believe this was a young girl who intended to die that night," said Coroner Joanne Kearsley. "I think this was a very misguided attempt for [Brian] to seek help or get his attention. ‘I don’t accept that she intended to take her life."

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