If He Does These 5 Things On A Dating App, He's Actually Into You

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5 Signs A Guy Likes You On Badoo, The Best Dating App For Relationships

This is how you'll know for sure.

It’s fairly simple to tell if a guy likes you when you’re on a date. His eye contact (or lack thereof), engagement in the conversation, and body language reveal everything you need to know.

But these days, dating starts even before that first date. More people than ever are meeting online, whether through social media or dating apps, where you start getting to know each other before ever physically meeting. Unfortunately, most dating apps don’t allow you to learn much about a person other than their looks before you swipe right or left.

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While good looks are always a plus, when it comes to successful dating and eventually, a successful relationship, you need way more than that. There’s so much more that goes into knowing whether or not you’re compatible with someone, or if they even legitimately like you to begin with (or are just taking whatever they can get). If you’re in it for real, it’s time to ditch those apps that only skim the surface and try something that makes the dating process more dynamic all around.

Before either of you waste your time dressing up and spending money on an awkward date neither of you ends up enjoying, it’d be helpful to know how to tell if a guy likes you before you even meet.

Here’s exactly what you should look out for before committing to that first date.

1. He’s exactly who he says he is.

Showing up to that first date with someone you met on a dating app is always hard as you try recognizing someone you’ve only seen in a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, with online dating, it’s super easy to completely fake who you are and what you look like, whether that’s by using a totally outdated picture or even a picture of a completely different person. Or worse, you could end up matching with a bot (take it from me — it really happens).

If he’s lying to you about who he is or what he looks like, he’s not worth a second of your time. If you want to know without a doubt that he is exactly who he claims to be, try a dating app like Badoo that takes the extra step to protect you from catfishers and fake profiles. The app offers profile verification through users’ phone numbers and social media accounts, so you always know you’re talking to someone real. Plus, Badoo is the only dating app that has a feature that lets you video chat the person you’re talking to. You'll get to see what he's up to in real time, hear his voice, and have peace of mind that he's not a fake.

2. He makes an effort with his profile.

Listen: if a guy doesn’t take the time to put some kind of effort into his dating profile, he most likely doesn’t care about finding a real relationship. And even if he does, he’s clearly lazy — meaning he won’t take the time to put some kind of effort into you.

Honestly, not everyone is good with words (I’m a writer, and even I never know what to say in bios). But that's not an excuse to leave things blank! If he finds other ways to liven up his profile (like adding videos or connecting his Instagram account) that helps you get a sense of who he is and what he's like, odds are he's in it to win it. Actions speak louder than words, my friends!

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3. He takes the initiative to message you.

So, you matched with someone. Yay! But a week later, he still hasn’t made the first move… boo! If he’s passive and waiting for you to strike up a conversation, he’s likely not all that into you. You want someone who makes getting to know you a priority — not someone who’s matching with anyone just to take what he can get.

4. He shares the same interests.

A relationship won’t work if you don’t have anything in common, plain and simple. While guys can definitely put things they like in their profile bio, they’re often pretty generic. You still have the best chance of finding someone you connect with on a deeper level than just looks when you're out enjoying the things you love. 

Of course, it's not easy approaching people at a loud concert or while you're out at the museum. But it is easy to check a dating app and see if you've crossed paths with anyone interesting there. Not only does that let you know who’s into the same things you are, but also gives you a unique conversation starter — score!

5. He asks you out first

I know, I know. We’re all equal, guys shouldn’t always be the ones having to ask women out. But here’s the thing: if you’ve been chatting for a bit and he’s really, truly into you, he will ask you out first. This doesn’t mean he has to do all the planning (come up with something fun together!), but it’s a good indicator of how he feels about your potential as a couple.

Sure, modern dating makes it easier than ever to meet new people. But that ironically often makes it harder to swipe through them all to find the one. With so many options out there, narrowing down who's actually worth your time might seem impossible. But don't let that discourage you! Hint: ditch those dating apps that are all the same and try Badoo, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye out for these subtle hints. You'll be able to separate the men from the boys in no time. 

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