7 Sly Ways To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

So, you’re ready to step up your dating game, but you’re still wondering how to get a guy to notice you.

Maybe you’re frustrated because you’re ready for a healthy relationship, but you haven’t even managed to secure a date. And to make it worse, your best friend seems to be able to attract the attention of any man she wants. She draws them in even if there are tons of beautiful, attractive women around.

And no, she is not any more beautiful than you or your other friends.

The good news is that getting a guy to notice you isn't all about looks. There are many gorgeous women in the world men never seem to notice.

If you’re wondering how to get a guy to notice you, there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

Yes, most guys love short skirts and spaghetti strap dresses. They love the long legs and a fresh pedicure peeping out of strappy sandals and other physical aspects like those.

These things will get a guy’s attention — but for all the wrong reasons.

If you rely on showing off your body, some men may think that’s all you have to offer. Dressing a certain way may get a guy to ask you out, but more often than not, he'll be the wrong kind of guy asking you out for the wrong kind of reasons.

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That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn't dress and act as you please, but there is far more to you than how you look. You want the the man you’ve got your eye on to see all of the wonderful qualities you bring to the table.

If you want to know how to get a guy to ask you out, here are 7 important tips to follow:

1. Be confident.

It doesn’t matter how drop dead gorgeous you look, if you are not confident about yourself, a guy can tell and be turned off in a minute.

When you are comfortable with yourself, it shows. Confidence in the right amount is seriously attractive, and is an excellent way to make men attracted to you.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or shy, you need to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin.

What makes you feel comfortable? Is it a particular outfit that you love or perfume that makes you feel special? Is it something that you are good at or something you know a lot about? Find out what makes you feel confident about yourself.

You can also boost your confidence by approaching the guy that you like instead of waiting for him to come to you. This will put you in the position of choosing rather than going through the anxiety of waiting to be picked.

When you exude confidence, you’re more likely to intrigue men, and their attraction to you will come easily. What better quality is there than that?

Being secure in your body and mind is the biggest aphrodisiac imaginable for a man.

2. Be fun to be around.

Men are instinctively drawn to bubbly, fun women, and a more likely to ask someone positive on a date. A guy cannot resist a girl who demonstrates a carefree personality.

If a man sees you with bright eyes and a smile on your face, he will not only be intrigued but also energized by your positive energy. After all, expert advice says that optimism and positive energy are contagious.

If a guy notices this kind of attitude, he will want to know you better and maybe even ask you on a date.

Negativity, on the other hand, is terrible not only for you but also for the people around you. Spending your time moaning about your annoying landlord, your idiot colleague, or your selfish friend will not attract anyone. Men want to be in a relationship with a happy woman.

3. Create a positive atmosphere around yourself.

When a guy that you have just met tells you what he would like to accomplish, do you listen with interest? Do you him ask questions and encourage him, or do you remind him about all the possible risks and potential problems?

When you are communicating with a man, do your very best to create a positive emotional environment. He will not be able to resist you.

Guys associate positivity with maturity and elegance, so keep a fresh outlook on things and do all you can to maintain a positive demeanor.

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4. Make him feel helpful.

Needing help can be frustrating, but it has one advantage; you will make the guy feel powerful. There is nothing men enjoy more than offering solutions and handling difficult situations.

A man’s instinct is to not only comfort women but to explore as many potential solutions to their problems as possible. Blame it on the wiring in their brain, but they don’t want to see the people around them suffer.

If you want to score a second date, open up about a challenging situation that you are experiencing at work. You could ask the guy for an app recommendation, to help you order a drink, or to make a recommendation for one.

Anything that makes him think that he’s smart is a winner. Needing help is the best way to get to a guy to notice you.

5. Have a sense of humor.

Want to know how to get a guy to like you? Make him laugh.

Humor is attractive, and men love women who make them laugh, but they're significantly more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes.

Guys view women who are funny as smart and attractive. When you find yourself in the company of a guy you like, shed off your seriousness and try to loosen up. Keep the mood light and do not be afraid to put yourself out there.

However, ensure that you don’t treat everything as a joke. Provide substance in your conversation while keeping it light hearted.

6. Stand strong with your standards.

You may want to impress a guy so much that you lose your identity while doing it. Do you find yourself giving a guy you like what you think he wants to see and hear?

Acting is tough and even if you attract a guy through acting, you will have to act the rest of your life to retain a relationship with him.

Just be yourself. When you are happy with yourself, you will attract guys who will appreciate the girl that you are.

7. Compliment him.

Guys act like they do not need praise, but they crave compliments as much as women.

He probably put a lot of thought into his outfit, his hairstyle, and which shoes he chose, and would definitely appreciate if you noticed. So, let the compliments loose. Let the guy know what it is that attracts you to him in the first place, and what sets him apart from other guys. He will not be able to resist you.

Remember, you want a guy to ask you out for the right reasons.

There are many ways to win the attraction of a man. There is the classy way and the not so classy way, and the former tends to end in more dating and eventually, a relationship.

When you draw guys in intelligently, you will attract a golden man.

In today’s world, which is full of distractions, the key is to make an effort. If you want a guy to notice you, you must do something.

But above all, be yourself in all that you do.

Being attractive to a good guy means knowing who you are and being comfortable in your skin. Having a happy relationship in your life is about learning how to manage people.

Getting into a relationship is about understanding what men truly want, not just what they say they want.

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Randy Skilton is a relationship expert who helps women find their dream guy.