5 Adorable Ways He Says He's Into You (Without Saying A Word)

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How To Read Body Language Signs A Guy Likes You

Do you ever wish you could gain some insight into the inner workings of a man's mind without him knowing it? It would be much easier to look for the signs a guy likes you that have to wait for him to actually tell you.

Well, it turns out that with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can! — and not in that creepy, Mel Gibson What Women Want sort of way.

It's all about body language, baby!

Body language experts say that only seven percent of our communications originates from our words, while fifty-five percent is expressed with our body. The rest of our communication, roughly thirty-eight percent, is derived from the tone of our voice.

If that's the case, to really know how to tell if a guy likes you, it's imperative that you learn how to read body language. So just when you thought you might be out of subtle queues, words left unsaid, and signs from the universe to painstakingly dissect, we're giving you more to work with!

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Clues in everyone's body language including (but not limited to) posture, eye contact, and even how often someone touches their face reveal whether they’re romantically interested in you or not.

So how does a man act when he's falling in love? Here a few five body language signs a guy likes you:

1. He touches his face.

A man who likes you will bring attention to his face by touching it at various times — and the same actually rings true for women as well. During your date he might run his fingers through his hair, touch his ears, rub his chin or lick his lips — these are all signs that he is attracted to you!

Men and women touch their lips when they see an attractive person is because the lips are an erogenous zone, so subconsciously it feels good to touch.

2. He raises his eyebrows.

Social scientists say that when a man is excited, his eyes will become wider to take in more of his surroundings. When this happens, the eyebrows will rise and fall as the eyes attempt to get larger. If you're speaking with a man and he is attracted to you, look (casually) to see if his eyebrows rise and fall while speaking to you.

Body language experts also suggest that men will also become increasingly animated when speaking to a woman they're attracted to. An exaggerated gesture is also a biological attempt to lure you in.

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3. He plays with his drink.

Does your man play with his drink while talking to you? Don’t worry, He's not bored. He's actually into you.

Body language experts say that men who are sexually attracted to a woman might play with objects using their hands. For example, he might run his fingers around the rim of a glass or pull the label off of his beer. You might also notice him adjusting his clothes, like his collar or buttons.

The more attracted he is, the more pronounced the fidgeting will become.

4. He leans into you.

What happens when a man watches the final seconds of a close football game? He leans in off the couch. This biological move doesn't change when he is also attracted to you.

Social scientists say men will lean into you and frequently point their feet toward you when they feel an attraction. He also won’t take his eyes off of you. If he makes great eye contact throughout the conversation, it's a sign he is interested.

5. He touches you.

Even if a man is not the sensitive "touchy-feely" type, you may notice him subconsciously touching you throughout the evening. Even the shy guy will have a brush with your elbow, hand, or back, so keep an eye out for it.

The challenge for any woman is determining whether it's accidental or on purpose. If it's on purpose, then the intentions are clear, but if it comes across as accidental, it could be his body language telling you something his mouth wouldn't dare reveal.

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