New Pics Of Kim And Kanye's Surrogate Show A Baby Bump Big Enough For Twins

Photo: Daily Mail
Kim Kardashian

It's happening.

While it's easy to get lost in the insane Kardashian pregnancy theories, the one sure thing we know is Kim Kardashian and her famous hubby, Kanye West, are expecting. 

But now, there's speculation they might be expecting twins, thanks to new photos of her surrogate's bump and some cryptic tweets from Kim K herself. 

On an episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Kim confirmed that she and Kanye were expecting another child with a surrogate. Doctors told the reality TV star that it would be dangerous for her to get pregnant again due to some health complications she had during her first two pregnancies. 

She suffered from life-threatening placenta accreta, which can cause premature delivery and other complications. 

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In September, TMZ reported that the surrogate is an African American married college graduate in her 20s. She's been married for five years and was brought to Kim and Kanye through an agency. 

The surrogate reportedly has two kids of her own. 

The surrogate was photographed Tuesday with a very large baby bump. She hasn't been seen since mid-September, and while US Weekly published an article Wednesday, Oct. 25 saying that Kim and Kayne's baby is due before Christmas, it appears the article has since been removed. Original reports claim the surrogate is due in January 2018.

Her baby pump is significantly bigger than it was when she was photographed last month, leading people to believe she is pregnant with twins. 

Though it could just be a normal size for a woman who is 6-months pregnant, a tweet from Kim herself had people seriously wondering. On Monday, Kim randomly tweeted: "Anyone know who makes the best double stroller? Not a tiny compact one but regular size."

I mean, obviously, she knew what she was doing. 

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When Twitter went understandably wild, and fans started asking Kim if her unidentified surrogate was with twins, she cleared up what she said with this tweet: 

"I have two kids people!!!! LOL." 

Yeah, but wouldn't you just text that question to one of your famous gal pals rather than send your fan base into a frenzy??

Daily Mail

Though nothing has been confirmed, it does make you wonder. That and how in 2015, Kim told Ellen DeGeneres that a psychic told her she would have twins in 2018. 

"'I was like, "Lose my email,"' she said. 

While each of these pieces of information alone might not mean much, together they paint an image of Kim, Kanye, North, Saint and two more little babies with regal names. Is it true? Only time — and more baby bump pics — will tell. 

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