13 Signs There's Serious Sexual Tension Between You Two

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signs of sexual tension

Ooh, it's getting steamy in here.

Sexual tension is very hard to fully explain, unless you’ve experienced it yourself. It’s not a “real” connection per se, since there’s usually no emotional basis for the way you end up feeling. However, you can’t deny that feeling you get around a person you have sexual tension with and, to a point, it can be a seriously hard thing to ignore.

Having a lot of sexual tension with a person often means that you might end up with mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex if you act on it. It’s a sign that there’s something animalistic about the two of you together, and that your bodies are compatible on an instinctual level. It’s raw. It’s sexy. It’s a downright wild connection.

Sexual tension comes in a lot of different levels. Some sexual tension is one-sided. Other sexual tension is experienced by both partners, but is light enough to be tolerable and ignored.

On the other hand, there are signs of sexual tension that prove just how much your attraction is off the charts and that the sex that’ll ensue might just blow your mind.

1. You both pause for a while, just to look into one another’s eyes.

Eye contact tends to be a sign of an emotional connection, but it’s also a sign of a seriously sexually tense situation. If you find yourself gazing into a certain someone’s eyes for a bit longer than normal, especially when there’s a pause and reciprocation, it could be sexual tension to blame.

2. Both of you tend to catch each other sneaking glances.

This is often done when both parties are shy and don’t have the courage to talk to one another. It’s that “mutually stolen glance dance” that tends to suggest you both want to do the dirty with one another.

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3. When the two of you talk, it gets awkward.

Awkward doesn’t necessarily equate to sexual tension, but sexual tension often causes a little bit of awkwardness in its midst. Why? Because you both are basically struggling with the urge to tear each other’s clothes off, or the urge to not panic around a crush.

4. It feels like high school all over again.

Remember how you used to feel a thrill every time a guy would flirt with you when you were in high school? Yeah, if you find yourself getting butterflies in the stomach around him and he’s chatting you up like a high school footballer trying to date the head cheerleader, it’s probably one of the signs of sexual tension that’s run amok.

5. You get distracted — a lot.

You catch him gazing at your chest. He caught you checking out his groin. Need I say any more?

6. If you were honest, you’ve fantasized about a certain person... hard.

Sexual tension isn’t always a two-way street. If you regularly find yourself having sexual fantasies about a person, you might have a serious, one-sided sexual tension vibe going on with a certain person. Of course, they might be into you, too, but there’s not much to know that unless they actually do something to give you that idea.

7. There are times where you really, really feel like he’s hoping you’ll kiss him.

You know how, sometimes, there are pauses that make you feel like you should just start making out with someone? You know that look guys get when they want a girl to start fooling around with them?

If you’re noticing that, and you kind of have the same vibe coming from  you, you’ve got serious sexual tension with someone.

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8. It always feels like he has something he wants to say to you, but you don’t know what, and you often want to tell him he’s hot, but don’t.

And you don’t get the feeling he wants to tell you something negative, either. More often than not, this is a sign of sexual tension that’s getting close to its boiling point.

9. There’s this vibe in the air between you two that you can’t quite put into words.

It’s really, really easy to pick up on a sexually tense vibe. It’s electric. Just saying.

10. The body language you two show says everything.

Intense eye contact, lip biting, hand around the belt — you know the deal. The body language is there, you’re just not acting on it.

11. Every conversation seems to have a flirty context.

“Oh, you’re making me blush.”

“I mean, uhm, I didn’t mean it that way... but hehe, yeah, I guess.”

12. Others have remarked on the chemistry you two have.

Usually, it’s people who poke fun at how much you both should just have sex and get it over with. Sound familiar? If so, you've got chemistry going on.

13. Your significant other, or other men, get jealous.

When this happens, you know there’s serious sexual chemistry afoot. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to openly discuss what’s going on or pause to figure out what you want.

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