26 Easy-To-Miss Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Shy men are a diamond in the rough.

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When women say they want to fall in love with a confident man, they don't typically mean a man who is shy. Unfortunately, a man like this isn't likely to make his attraction obvious, so figuring out how to tell if a shy guy likes you isn't always so easy.

A shy guy's introverted ways can leave a woman feeling terribly confused when, after flirting with him to no avail, all she can do is toss her hands up and ask her friends, "Does he like me?"


It's a pity for anyone to miss out on dating and falling in love with someone who could be their soulmate just because the guy is shy and the girl can't tell if he's just not that into her.

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If you want to know for sure how he feels, even if he's too shy to admit it, don't overlook these signs he's falling for you.


26 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

1. He creates opportunities to be around you.

If a guy likes you, you will notice that he seems to be "around" you a lot. A shy guy usually stays within his group of friends, so when he breaks out of his comfort zone and approaches you, he likes you. It takes a lot of bravery for him to even come near you.

He will show up conveniently where you like spending your time. If you mention that you love skiing on Saturdays, he will suddenly start showing up on the slopes. He wishes you would make the first move.

2. His body language gives him away.

Pay attention to his body language, as actions speak louder than words. Shy guys tend to overdo it when trying to conceal their high-interest level. They make every effort to appear uninterested in a woman, since engaging a woman is terrifying. However, you will pick up on some subtle signs, because body language doesn't lie.

3. He listens intently.

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What shy guys lack in chattiness, they make up for in listening skills. They may not always be the ones leading a conversation but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. When he’s nodding along, looking interested, or laughing at the right times, you can be sure he’s invested in what you have to say. This can be particularly important if it’s in a group setting where there are lots of different conversations or people talking over each other.

If you notice that he’s consistently paying attention to you instead of other people, this could mean he’s into you.

4. He gets nervous around you.

A good sign that a shy guy likes you is if he gets nervous around you. When you like someone, your coordination and generally cool demeanor can temporarily abandon you. This is even more so the case for the shy guy. Your presence will literally paralyze him if he's into you.

Does he drop his phone, his keys, spill on himself, and lose his cool around you? Does he touch up his hair, scratch his face, twirl his fingers, or get fidgety whenever you come close to him? These are definite signs that he likes you, but feels self-conscious in your presence, leaving him a bag of jitters.


5. He throws you secret glances.

Shy guys don't want to be caught looking at you because confrontation is not their forté. But he can't help admiring you from afar. You will find him staring at you from across the room, but he looks away in the instant you look at him. Experts say it isn't the level of his stare that indicates his attraction for you, but the frequency. So, if you catch him staring at you more than a few times, it's a dead giveaway that he's attracted to you.

Also, you might notice he will try to make eye contact with you immediately before he steps out of the room, even when he's with his friends.

6. He touches you lightly.

People touch the people they like. While a shy guy will not muster the courage to touch you, he will engage in the form of touching called preening. For example, he picks lint off your hair and straightens out your jacket. Touching is a good indicator that he likes you.

7. He stutters when he talks to you.

A shy guy wants to say all the right things. He will, therefore, have difficulties getting the words out if he really likes you. Or, he will blank out in the middle of a sentence and is left tripping over words and making little sense.


8. He likes all of your posts on social media.

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Just like talking to you online, liking and interacting with your photos and posts can feel like a safe, non-intimidating way to connect. While his likes are a giveaway that he’s at least glancing at your socials, it’s a safe bet to assume he’s also combed your profile and looked at some of your best pictures, which will no doubt leave him feeling even more excited to get to know you.

So, get your best selfie angle out and put this one to the test.


9. He seems to copy your movements.

Experts call this behavior mirroring. Mirroring sends unconscious signs from a guy to a woman that he likes her.

Watch his gestures closely: even from across the room, he will unconsciously copy your actions. If you pick up your drink to have a sip, he will do the same. If you shift in your seat, he will, too.

10. Your presence silences him.

When a shy guy is around you, he suddenly clams up. He will be talking animatedly to his friends, but the moment he sees you, he will suddenly go quiet. What a coincidence that his story gets finished every time you walk in, right?

The reason is that the guy either loses his train of thought or doesn't want you to hear what he thinks is a silly story, and for you to then think he is silly, too. He wants to impress you so his brain gets ahead of him, and he forgets to talk.


11. He's extra friendly to you.

A shy guy may not be big on romantic gestures, but he will do random little things for you. Does he offer things like gum, water or a donut? Does he save you a seat, offer to help you with your work or offer to drop your home?

This is a massive step for a shy guy and a sign that he likes you. This is a vulnerable move for him considering that he's introverted, but he just cannot help it.

Observe how he reacts to you when you need help. If he jumps in quickly to assist you, he's deeply attracted to you.

12. He talks to you online.

A face-to-face conversation is daunting, especially when romantic feelings are involved. For this reason, a shy guy will find it a relief to communicate with you online or via the phone.


Behind the screen, he will have full confidence since there is less pressure to respond perfectly and on the spot. The good news is that he's working up the confidence to talk to you, and soon he will comfortably have a proper conversation with you.

13. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

If you want to know whether a shy guy likes you, pay attention to how he reacts when you talk to other guys. Seeing other guys talking to you ticks him off. He 's terrified that you might fall for one of them before he has an opportunity to tell you how he feels.

So, how does he react? He will either stare at the guys in envy, or he will be completely bummed out that he will leave the scene.

Introverted people often suffer in silence when they are jealous. The fact that he displays his jealousy is a clear indication he's attracted to you.


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14. He's protective of you.

If he cares about you or has feelings for you, he wants to make sure you’re safe in all aspects of life. Whether he’s guiding you across a busy road when you’re out together or checking in on you late at night when you’re home alone, the little and big gestures matter.

Shy guys might struggle with words but their actions will do the talking. Even his low self-esteem can’t get in the way of his desire to care for you.

Men are pretty much hard-wired to want to protect women. This protectiveness appeals to their hero instincts and will make him feel needed by you.


15. His friends make comments about you two.

He might be secretive and hard to read to you, but there is a good chance he’s blabbering on about you to his close friends. If not, the people who know him best might have picked up on some of the subtle giveaways before you have.

If his friends are teasing him about you or trying to leave you two alone together a lot, they're acting as wingmen. It might even be a good idea to subtly bring up the subject with his friends so you can throw some feelers out there. They might be willing to give you more guidance on how to move forward together.

16. He agrees with you on everything.

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Shy guys don’t like to challenge people at the best of times, but this can also be a sign they like you. He doesn’t want to say or do anything that you might find confrontational. He wants your favorite shows to be his favorite shows. He wants to share the same opinions as you. Maybe even eat the same food as you! You get the idea — basically, everything you like, he likes.

17. He remembers the little things.

Mens' head are like strainers: things go in and slip right back out again. They only hold on to information that they really care about or have bothered to remember.

If you told him once that your favorite drink is a margarita and he orders one for you before you arrive at the bar, or you mentioned that your best friend’s birthday is coming up and he texts you to wish her a happy birthday for him, take some comfort in knowing that he’s thinking about you and wants to know you more.

At the very least he’s listening, which is more than can be said for most guys!


18. He tries new things for you.

Introverts have a hard time stepping out of their comfort zone, especially if it means entering more social scenarios. So, if he’s coming with you to meet your friends, trying out your favorite restaurant, or even just listening to your favorite band, he’s really pushing himself to impress you.

He might put up a bit of a fight sometimes, but that’s only because new things scare him. Make sure you’re putting yourself out there for him, too, so you can meet halfway.

19. He has a nickname for you.

Sure, maybe it’s something you’d rather never be referred to as again, but the thought is cute!

Shy guys can be a little unconventional with their approach to relationships so they find unpredictable ways to express affection. A cute pet name could be his way of building a bond between you two, an inside joke that only you and him know.


20. He becomes friends with your friends.

The Spice Girls said, “If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get with my friends,” and he listened! He finds it easier to socialize with people who don’t make him nervous but still wants to find his way into your life, so he gravitates towards your friends when you’re all together.

When he’s talking to just you, he feels like there’s a lot at stake and that makes him more nervous. But with your friends, he can relax and hope that if they like him, you will, too. Not only is this a good sign, but it also gives you an insight into the kind of partner he could be. If he loves the people you love, he’s a keeper.

21. He confides in you.

Being vulnerable and open terrifies many shy men, so if you notice him slowly letting you in more, sharing private thoughts, or expressing his emotions, he’s taking a huge leap. What might seem like a normal conversation to you could be a big deal for him, so make sure you’re receptive and positive when he begins to reveal his true self.

22. He asks a lot of questions.

It might feel awkward to be the one doing most of the talking — it’s a date, not an interview! But his inquisition is better than disinterest. He might find it hard to talk about himself but is so enthralled by you that he can’t help but quiz you. He wants to know how your mind works, what interests you, and how he can fit into your life.


This is also a sign that he’s putting in work to keep the conversation going, just so he can be around you for longer.

23. He sometimes tries too hard.

Does he try to woo you with rehearsed monologues, corny jokes, or exaggerated stories? This means he’s putting a lot of time into impressing you and probably practices so he doesn’t slip up and look awkward in front of you.

This might not be the most attractive quality, but on the bright side, trying hard is better than not trying at all. We all love to chase a guy a bit, but at some point, it’s time to stop running and go for the guy who’s been there the whole time.


24. He switches up his looks to impress you.

Have you dropped some hints about liking guys with beards or men who dress formally? Pay attention to see if he tries to emulate what he thinks could be your perfect guy.

Of course, you shouldn’t pressure him to change himself for you, but it can be nice to see a guy going the extra mile to make you more attracted to them. Ladies spend so much time on hair, makeup, and outfits for a date, it’s about time the guys scrubbed up, too!

25. He struggles to make eye contact with you.

What do you do when you’re nervous around someone? You look literally anywhere else besides at them. It can be easy to confuse this for disinterest, but doing this can also be a sign that he likes you. His heart is doing somersaults when he looks directly at you so, instead, he fidgets and looks away.

26. He’s chivalrous.

Shy guys aren’t armed with seductive techniques or flirty one-liners, but they do know how to treat others well. They’ve studied etiquette and often rely on good old-fashioned values to get the girl or guy of their dreams.


He may not sweep you off your feet after the first meeting, but he will be there to pull out your chair for you when you land. He will speak respectfully to you, open doors, and do things for you without even having to ask. What a true gentleman!

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With or without an initial spark, striking up a romance with a shy man can be a slow burn. They need some coaxing and encouragement at times, but they're worth the weight.

Often, some of the kindest, most considerate and caring men are the ones observing quietly and finding subtle ways to woo you. The relationships that kick off the quickest, ends just as fast. Look at Romeo and Juliet — we all know how that ended!


Don't forget that it can't always be left to him to make the first move; the only way to really know if a shy man likes you is to go for it and see what happens.

If you like him, you need to let him know that you're allowing him to get close to you. Let him know that it's safe for him to be in your company and to talk to you. Engage him in a conversation whenever an opportunity arises and gently coax him out of his shell. You will be shocked to realize he probably likes to talk, but experience has taught him that people are not interested in what he has to say. Therefore, he generally prefers to be quiet.

Also, it's crucial that you make him feel that you're talking and spending time as friends. When he feels that there are no expectations, there will be no pressure, and he will, therefore, feel safe and open up.

Allow him to be the man. When he suggests going to a particular place, let him have his way. Chances are, this is where he's comfortable. Don't sway him to go where many people are if he doesn’t want to. Forcing him to go to a club, for instance, is being inconsiderate of his feelings.


Be patient with your shy guy. At the end of the day, you will discover your diamond in the rough who is willing to listen and put your needs ahead of his own.

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Randy Skilton is a relationship expert with an Advanced Diploma in Social Science and a Graduate Diploma in Technology Education.