20 Unmistakable Signs A Female Coworker Likes You & What To Do About It

These are the clear signs she's super into you.

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Workplace interactions are full of laughs, coffee, and the occasional puppy eyes when you ask a coworker to stay late so you can leave for a date.

But have you ever felt like one of your female coworkers was giving you more smiles, double the coffee, and those puppy eyes when they ask to hang out with you after work?

You may not feel like these are signs a female coworker likes you, but trust us, women have a different way of flirting than men!


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Sure, there are a lot of women who are extremely confident in their abilities to show they’re interested in you. But others are more comfortable with subtly giving you a hint here and there.


You might not see it this way, though. Maybe she’s friendly with everyone and that’s just her personality. Even if she’s showing you a couple of obvious signs, the fear of being wrong and looking like a fool to your coworkers is real. Not to mention you wouldn’t want to overstep your boundaries.

However, what if you miss out on a chance at meeting someone who is actually worth the taunting from your coworkers?

If you let her slip away, you will always have a looming feeling of regret of what could have been. As a matter of fact, a 2015 survey found that 16% of married couples met their partners at work! Who’s to say that can’t be you two?

Before we start thinking about the flavor of your wedding cake, let’s help you figure out how to detect these signs of attraction. And if you aren’t really interested in the idea of dating a coworker, we’ve got you covered with how to manage your way through this situation.


20 signs a female coworker likes you

1. She smiles whenever she sees you.

This is a very small, but obvious sign she might be into you. There may be a special twinkle in her eyes when she is talking to you, and you notice she doesn't act that way around your other coworkers.

2. She always finds a way to be around you.

Has she ever managed to work her way through the crowd of other employees just to stand by your side? She might even ask you for help more than usual with her computer.

3. She asks for help all the time.

When she likes you, she finds a way to get your assistance doing something at least once a day so you have to interact. This is her way of getting closer to you.

4. She offers you help.

Women are driven by their mothering instincts when they fall in love. They try to take care of you by bringing you snacks and coffee. She may bring you homemade treats and ask you how you are doing because she is hyper-focused on how you are feeling.


5. She asks about your life outside of work.

Being interested in your coworker’s outside life may not be more than just a friendly interaction. But she will definitely be asking you about your personal interests and hobbies more than your other coworkers.

6. There are too many coincidental touches.

Various studies have found that subliminal touches are a powerful psychological trick that you can use to attract people to you if she ‘accidentally’ walks past you and your bodies are close in proximity, and this happens frequently, these are no accidents.

7. She changes her appearance to get your attention.

When a woman is interested in someone at the workplace, they will go all out to make sure that they are noticed when you run into each other. She may do something different with her hair and makeup or wear more form-fitting clothes. She is just trying to get your attention.

8. She is always looking at you.

You may glance over the area she’s working in and notice she’s already made eye contact with you. Direct eye contact is a sure hint of her flirting with you.


9. She is always sitting next to you during team meetings.

Because she wants to be near you, she will place herself as close as she possibly can. She may even give you a subtle peek at her cleavage or she may wear a great perfume that will drive you crazy and when you smell it, you will think about her.

10. She flirts with you every now and then.

Most coworkers indulge in flirtatious banter to lighten up the seriousness of the office. But she can possibly be using this opportunity to actually flirt with you.

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11. She remembers small details about you.

You may have told her about your personal interests awhile ago just to spark a friendly conversation. Now she can easily recollect these small conversations. Coincidence? I think not.


12. She calls or texts you outside of work.

You and your coworkers may have a group chat outside of work. If she has ever called or texted you outside of that chat, especially without talking about work-related topics, she’s crushing on you big time.

13. She asks you to walk her to her car.

Out of every other male coworker in the office, she decided to ask you to walk her out of the office and to her car. I think this speaks volumes.

14. She remembers your birthday.

If she goes out of the way to remember your birthday or make it particularly special, it probably means that she likes you a lot because she puts in the effort to make you feel special on your birthday.

15. She brings you coffee or breakfast.

You don’t even need to ask her to do this. Every now and then, she’ll come into the office with extra goodies, and not just for anyone else, it’s for you. Take the hint, bud.


16. She has a nickname for you.

If this wasn’t more of the obvious signs, it is now! She gave you a nickname and didn’t do the same for other coworkers? Yeah, she’s totally into you.

17. She notices minor changes to your appearance.

Did you shave your beard? Update your wardrobe? Get a facial? Whatever it is you changed, she will notice it immediately.

18. She asks to hang out outside of work.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If she wants to spend time with you, alone, not in the office, she is pulling the big moves on you.

19. Your coworkers are telling you about her.

If your coworkers are asking what’s been going on between you and your secret admirer, they know exactly what’s going on.


20. She stops by your cubicle to say hi.

Make note of who she’s saying hi to. Are you the only one? Is she saying hello to everyone else but engaging in longer conversations with you?

What to do if your coworker likes you and you're interested

If you’ve been noticing these subtle hints and you’re curious in getting to know her more, here’s how you can pursue your opportunity. If she asks what you’re up to during the weekend, invite her out! She will surely take this as a sign that you are equally as interested as she is.

Make sure you're aware of your company's policy when it comes to dating coworkers — a flirtationship or even potential relationship is not worth putting both of your jobs in danger.

What to do if your coworker likes you and you’re not interested

Let’s say you know your coworker has a crush on you but your uninterested. The easiest way to kindly let her know you do not want anything more than a workplace relationship is by being honest and direct.


If you notice the occasional touch on the shoulder or bringing you, and only you, coffee and breakfast, let her know that you don’t want to mix work with pleasure. This is super cliché, but the nicest way to bring down any hope of you two being together.

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