13 Signs He Likes You More Than A 'Friend With Benefits'

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signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits
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Is it just FWB... or more?

Though I personally haven’t seen many healthy relationships start from these roots, many couples out there first started as a friends with benefits situation. FWBs are supposed to stay casual, but the truth is that they often turn into something more. Feelings do, after all, get caught after you sleep with someone and it’s not always something you can control.

Even if they refuse to admit it, guys often end up developing feelings for their FWBs. Curious about whether your casual guy is into you that way? Well, these are the signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits and might be down for a relationship.

1. He asks about your romantic life... and if you have anyone in mind.

A lot of guys might fish for information about where they stand with you before they ask you out. If he’s doing this, it’s a good indicator that he’s interested in you and wants to know if he has any competition to worry about.

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2. You’ve noticed him giving you “the look.”

Most girls can recognize when a guy is looking at her in a loving way. If he’s looking at you longingly, even though you’re having casual sex with him, it could be that he’s longing for a relationship. And if he gives you the Puss in Boots look from Shrek, then you can automatically assume he wants you as a girlfriend.

3. He’s started to give you gifts.

Guys don’t give gifts, even small ones, to girls who they deem to be “casual only” material. If he’s doing this, you might as well ask what’s up since he’s been itching to tell you for a while.

4. He’s been trying to get you to go out to bars and restaurants with him.

If he’s just FWBs and content with that, the entire span of his interest in you will stay in the “Netflix and chill” range of venues. A guy who is actually taking you out on dates is a guy who really wants you as more than a friend.

5. You’ve been invited, by him, to meet his friends or go to a party with him.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this since this is one of those things that’s considered a dating milestone for way more formal couples. However, here it goes: if he’s trying to bring you around his friends, it's one of the major signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits.

6. When you’re around, he makes a point of showing how awesome he is to you.

He cooks dinner for you. He talks about how he’s totally okay with you spending the night, or even buys you a toothbrush to keep at his place. Just saying, these are clues that he wants you to stick around more.

7. He never brings up other women around you, even if you bring up other men.

I’ve noticed that most guys want to talk about their conquests or the girls they’re pursuing and most will do that in front of the FWB, too. As a result, this is a sign that there’s only one girl on his mind: you.

8. Though it’s strictly casual on your end, he’s started to try to do “couples things” with you at home.

He ordered a Blue Apron kit. He got bottles of wine for an at-home tasting. He’s trying to give you a nice spa night. These things suggest that he’s really trying hard to get you to see him as boyfriend material.

9. If you tell him you might see someone else, he pouts or straight up gets jealous.

Though it’s true that some guys really do end up getting selfish and territorial, most of the time, when this happens, it’s a sign that your FWB has caught feelings for you. This might be a good time to talk to him about what he’s feeling.

10. He’s holding you a little tighter than before or starts talking about how the two of you could run away somewhere together.

Guys get romantic fantasies, too, you know! If he’s doing this, it’s possibly because he’s starting to see himself as your boyfriend and he’s sharing his own idea of what romance should be with you.

11. You keep getting the feeling like he wants to tell you something, but is afraid to admit it.

This is most noticeable when paired with the puppy dog eyes. More often than not, when guys do this, it’s because they want to admit feelings but are afraid of looking vulnerable. Since many guys tend to be worried about what to say, asking them what’s up can usually start a good dialogue about his feelings on the relationship.

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12. He initially asked you to date him, but when you told him you only wanted things casual, he agreed to that.

This is something that both men and women do. They go into FWB situations in hopes that they will end up in a relationship. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, if he asked you out before, then you should be aware he probably still feels that way.

13. He’s tried to start doing couple things with you, or just straight up asked you if you wanted to date.

Do you really need any other sign than this one? It’s as obvious as it gets. 

Still think a friends with benefits relationship is something you want? Check out the rules you need to set to keep things casual:


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