Horrifying New Details About How 'American Horror Story' Inspired A Teen To Murder Her Grandpa

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Robert Whitwell

While Robert Whitwell bled out, Brittany Dwyer decided to do the dishes.

Robert Whitwell had, what sounded like, a nice afternoon visit with his granddaughter, Brittany Jane Dwyer. Around 11 a.m., Aug. 5, 2016, she went to his home in Australia and they sat in the living room together, looking at photos of her and her brother when they were children. 

However, the 81-year-old didn't realize that his granddaughter hadn't come for a nice visit, but to carry out a plot to murder him and steal his savings. 

And she promised to do "whatever was necessary" to get it.

Dwyer had come up with the plan with her friend, Bernadette Burns, who was waiting outside in a car while Dwyer went inside with a knife and rubber gloves.

The teen almost got cold feet and texted Burns saying she couldn't go through with the killing. But Burns told her she must, because "they had come all this way."

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So when Whitwell walked Dwyer to the front door when she was ready to 'leave', she pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck and chest. 

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Whitwell stumbled back and walked to the kitchen to look for a bandage. While he sat there, bleeding to death, he asked his granddaughter why she stabbed him.

She said nothing and did the dishes while he bled out. 

She sent a chilling message to Burns that said: "It's done."

After he died, Dwyer and Burns searched his home for cash, looking for the $110,000 in savings he said he had hidden. But they couldn't find the money and grabbed $1,000, some coins and two digital cameras instead. Whitwell had hidden the $110,000 in his shed. 

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Three days later, his body was found and the two young women — Dwyer was 18 at the time of the murder and Burns was 21 — were arrested on August 26th.

Both of the women pleaded guilty to murder, and in a presentencing hearing Wednesday, Dwyer said she was motivated by the FX television series American Horror Story

“The popular series explores humankind’s capacity for evil and general obsession with crime and murder,” Dwyer’s lawyer Craig Caldicott said. 

Though Calicott asked the judge for leniency because of Dwyer's age, the judge said he was too disturbed by how the murder was planned. 

“To have got to the age of 18 and gone from zero to premeditated murder in these circumstances only for the reasons she had suggests a very worrying person,” Justice Kevin Nicholson said.

Dwyer reportedly had gotten into drugs and suffered from a borderline personality disorder and has "significant psychological issues." Burns was apparently addicted to methylamphetamine. 

The two will be sentenced November 7th. 

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