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The Non-Negotiable Relationship Dealbreakers Of Each Zodiac Sign

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zodiac signs' relationship dealbreakers

Is there one thing (or more) that you absolutely can’t tolerate in a relationship? We all have things that we simply can’t get past and that provide the impetus we need to act — either to work on the relationship or to get out.

No couple is ever 100 percent compatible and there’s always going to be compromises made by both parties. You’ll annoy each other with seemingly innocuous behavior and you’ll wear on each other’s nerves, but if the core of your relationship is strong, it can withstand the small offenses.

However, there are some things that one can’t forgive — dealbreakers that can't be changed, even if your horoscope says otherwise. Perhaps your partner is a serial cheater and being faithful is the number one thing you ask of your partner. Do you feign ignorance when they cheat again and again? Do you give ultimatums only to have them be ignored? Or, do you get out with your moral code intact?

Dealbreakers don’t have to be a huge issue to everyone, they only need to be big to you. Another person may not understand why you think being cheap and ungenerous is a bad thing, but if you watch your partner stiff a waiter on a tip one more time, you’re going to have a meltdown.

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Knowing what you can and cannot tolerate is a good thing and if you listen to your inner voice that warns you away from someone, you can save yourself a lot of emotional turmoil in the future.

It’s also good to know your partner's dealbreakers and if you can live with them. If your partner is always on the go and you need to stay in bed one day a week, there could be problems in the future. Here are the zodiac signs' relationship dealbreakers and what it means for the two of you.

ARIES: Low energy

If his partner never wanted to do anything and preferred to stay home all the time, that would be a dealbreaker for Aries. Low energy and especially a low sex-drive would cause Aries to reevaluate the relationship. They like to be active and that includes having an active sex life. In regards to sex, if you can go without for long periods of time or if your idea of a good time is being lazy all weekend, you're not a good match for Aries.

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TAURUS: Impatience

Taurus likes to take his time and if his partner is always at him to make a decision or do something, that's going to wear on him. If Taurus feels rushed in any way or judged for taking his time, it may signal the end of the relationship. He doesn't do well with people who try to herd him as if he was cattle. He needs to go at his own speed without someone pressing him to go faster.

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GEMINI: Uncommunicative

Gemini doesn't do well with someone who refuses to talk, so if that's your method of showing you're upset, it may mean the relationship is doomed. The greatest joy a Gemini has is the exchange of ideas and having soul talks with their significant other. If their partner won't talk to them, out of petulance or anger, that could be a dealbreaker.

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CANCER: Insensitivity

Cancer is a very caring sign and if their partner tends to walk all over their feelings without a thought to how it may affect Cancer, there's going to be trouble. Cancers need a thoughtful and compassionate partner, not somebody who really doesn't give a crap. If you tend to speak your mind without any regard for how it's going to affect other people, you aren't an ideal partner for a Cancer.

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LEO: Unconcerned with appearance

Leos tend to be well-dressed and they like their partners to be well put-together. If their partner doesn't take care of their appearance, has no problem wearing torn and stained clothes, and only occasionally takes a shower, that could be a dealbreaker for a Leo. Leos spend a lot of time and thought on how they present to the world, so if their partner isn't on point in that department, Leo may look for someone else.

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VIRGO: Superficiality

Virgos are very intelligent and they need for their partners to be smart and interested in all different kinds of topics. If their partner has a very limited view of the world and is only interested in TV shows and spending money, there's going to be a problem down the line. Virgos want their significant others to stimulate them and be able to bring something to the conversational table. If you have no depth, they're going to get bored.

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LIBRA: Aggression

Libras like to avoid conflict whenever possible, so if they're in a relationship with someone who seeks it out, then there'll be trouble. If their partner thrives on conflict and confrontation, that will make Libra feel very uncomfortable and they may shut down. If it's a dealbreaker for them, they're more likely to detach themselves until the person gets so fed up that they get out of Libra's life.

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SCORPIO: Untrustworthiness

Keeping his word is very important to Scorpio and they're well-known for their excellent record of following through. If their partner constantly says they'll do something but never does and makes promises that they never keep, that's a huge dealbreaker for Scorpio. When provoked, Scorpio can go from loving to pissed off very quickly and can end their relationship before their partner truly understands what went wrong.

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Sagittarius tends to be overconfident and fearless, so if their partner doesn't show the appropriate lust for life and belief in themselves, that could be a major dealbreaker. Sagittarians do tend to be a little jumpy when it comes to commitment and ties, so any reason can become an excuse to leave the relationship and get out of town.

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Capricorns know themselves and they try to keep things real, so if their partner is someone who puts on a persona and acts like someone they're not, that could be a dealbreaker. Often times, a person who feels the need to be fake or phony is insecure and has no belief in themselves. Capricorns have no empathy for fakes, wannabees, and phonies.

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AQUARIUS: Intolerance

Aquarians are wonderfully open, easy-going, and have a live and let live philosophy. If their partner demonstrated a biased and narrow view of the world, that could cause some major tension in the relationship. Sometimes people get more conservative in their thinking as they get older and if that happened with Aquarius's partner, it could mean the end of the relationship.

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PISCES: Mean-spiritedness

Pisces individuals tend to be very sensitive and compassionate and if their partner was cruel and mean, that would definitely be a dealbreaker, especially if their partner directed that cruelty towards them. If Pisces' partner is horrible to them, that's bad, but if they're mean to someone else or an animal, that's unforgivable.

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