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Your Love Dealbreaker, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality

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deal breaker

We all have our dealbreakers when it comes to choosing the right person we want a relationship with.

Dealbreakers are unique to the person setting the standards, and according to Thought Catalog, each Myers–Briggs personality type has its own specific dealbreaker.

Find out your Myers-Briggs personality type, and then see what your ultimate dealbreaker is. Is yours correct?

ENFP (feeling constricted): ENFPs always shoot for the stars and think BIG when it comes to situations in their daily lives. Therefore, they can't have someone who will put restrictions on their feelings. Furthermore, "the ENFP has no interest in a relationship that's going to hold them back. They need an open-minded partner who's happy to explore and adventure their way through life together." If you aren't the type who likes to explore and take chances, an ENFP isn't the right personality type for you.

INFP (mentally closed off): This personality loves to hear all sides of a story, and won't like someone who can't do the same. The INFP can thrive with "a deep, compelling partner who can keep up with their ever-shifting kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions."

INFJ (untrustworthy): INFJs are always thinking in terms of long-term goals, therefore "they need someone they can trust to stick around for the long haul." If they cannot invest their time into you in the early stages of the relationship, they won't give you a second thought.

ENFJ (emotionally guarded): ENFJs love to feel needed in a relationship because they enjoy helping and providing for people. They will offer wisdom and emotional or physical support to their partners. So, if you cannot open up emotionally, "the ENFJ may feel as though they have no purpose within the partnership," making them want to find someone else to take care of.

INTJ (liars): The INTJ personality is always looking for the truth under any circumstance. INTJs will make decisions in relationships "from an informed perspective." If you aren't honest or straight forward with them — or worse, they have to find the truth from somewhere else — they'll leave you in a heartbeat.

ENTJ (disloyal): If ENTJs "show their love through acts of diligence and loyalty, they expect the same back from their partners." They expect you to show your love through actions, not just words. If you betray them once, they'll be quick to end the relationship.  

INTP (shallow thinkers): INTPs are always thinking critically. Additionally, "this type won't accept any thought, fact or opinion until they've examined it thoroughly, from every available angle." They don't expect you to be a genius, but "they need to be paired with someone who wants to learn, advance and grow alongside them."

ENTP (boring): ENTPs are always eager to learn about different things and people. Because "this type enjoys complicated, multi-dimensional partners who challenge them intellectually," if you're one dimensional, they'll most likely become bored of you and move on to the next project.

ESFJ (commitment-phobes): This type is extremely organized and constantly thinks about the future. These are the people who have mapped out their life since kindergarten. Since their life is pretty much set in stone, "if you can't see yourself in their future, you can see yourself out of their lives." They won't stand for promises of change and flexibility that don't come true.

ISFJ (jerks): ISFJs want someone they can be comfortable around, "and being a sensitive type by nature, that means they need a partner who cares deeply about both their feelings and the feelings of others." Arrogant assh*les don't fit well with this reserved type.

ESFP (isolation): Jealous and controlling partners aren't the right match for the free-spirited ESFP types. ESFPs need "to feel connected to a community." If you're going to cut them off from society, they'll cut you out of their lives.

ISFP (prevented from self-expression): ISFP types are highly creative people, so anyone who kills their vibe isn't going to be a part of their life. Also, "more than anything else, this type wants a partner who takes the time to get to know them on a deep level and accept them exactly as they are." Sensuality is important to this type, so you need to be able to emotionally connect to them and respect who they are in order to maintain the relationship.

ESTJ (constant changes): ESTJs are very practical and sometime rigid when it comes to making decisions. If you surprise them too much, they can lose trust in you over time. If you're so inconsistent in your actions, they'll deem you "unsuitable for long-term partnership."

ISTJ (moral corruption): This personality type is very principled and bases their choices off a set of personal values. They need someone on the same moral level as them "or else they'll have trouble finding common ground."

ESTP (homebodies): ESTPs are all about action and live a fast-paced lifestyle. You need to be able to physically keep up with the ESTP type if you want to have a strong relationship with them. They can't stand someone who will stay home and think about different options; they want to see you try out each one together.

ISTP (being super-needy): ISTPs can come off as cold because they are very independent and can take care of themselves. Therefore, "they need to be paired with someone who understands this." While they enjoy taking care of their partners, they certainly won't baby you. They can't handle partners who are insecure and constantly need a pep talk.