What Is The New TBH App? A Review Of The Popular Anonymous Compliment App That Kids Use To Rate Each Other

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Who do you know that's "hotter than the sun?"

Generally, anonymous apps provide a prime opportunity for kids, teens, and even adults to cyberbully their peers and unload all the awful comments they can think of. 

The vibe of the unknown is one that's clouded with negativity, but a new app for middle and high schoolers might just change all that. 

The popular TBH app (which is a popular acronym for "to be honest") has risen to the top of the App's Store's free apps chart with the claim that it's the only anonymous app with positive vibes. It offers kids an opportunity to compliment everyone they know and choose between their friends for various superlatives.

Instead of just your standard messaging app, it presents the user with a series of prompts like "Should DJ every party," and offers four friends that could fit that description. 

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Once you choose a friend who best fits that prompt, they get a notification in their inbox. All they see of the person who voted for them is their gender and grade. 

The app is designed for users 13 and up, allowing people who sign up to select their grade level and their school, but people in college and those who have graduated can still use the app. 

You can also choose your gender, which has a "nonbinary" option (pretty cool). 

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Set up somewhat like a game, the app shows you 12 polls at a time with four options of friends to choose from. They're not always 100% positive, but they're never cruel And you can submit your own polls to be used in the app, but they have to be "uplifting" in nature. 

The more times you get picked in the poll, the more gems you get, which unlocks more questions and features. 

It's seemingly safe for kids because there is no direct messaging available on the app yet, but it is considered as an option in the future. Kids seemingly become addicted to the endless barrage of compliments and it is meant to lift their moods and make them feel good about themselves. 

Currently, the app is only available in Florida, Washington, Texas, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Indiana. It launched in early August and plans to expand in more states. 

It's not yet available for Android devices. 

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