20 Heart-Wrenching Poems From R.M. Broderick To Help You Heal After Love


Warning: these may leave you with an overwhelming need to cry.

Sometimes love really freaking hurts. Heartbreak is something we will most likely all deal with in one way or another in life, but if you haven't yet, brace yourself for impact.

You think that when you go through heartbreak the first thing you would want to do is move on from it, but sometimes you just need to let yourself live in it for a while.

You need to let yourself cry and experience all the emotions that come along with it. This way when you’re ready to move on, you can move on completely with no extra baggage.

Also, there are some heartbreaks that will just never leave you. You will get over them, but something may remind you of that person and that time in your life and a little twinge of memory ad pain will come back. It’s completely natural and normal.

This is where R. M. Broderick’s poems come into play. They will do both of these things for you.

They will help you get through heartbreak and remind you that you’ve come out the other end better and stronger. They will also remind you of those heartbreaks that you can’t let go of, no matter how hard you try.

Robert Michael Broderick was born in Lancaster, CA and writes some pretty amazing poetry.

His words seem simple and to the point, but after you read a poem of his you find yourself full of emotion and thinking about yourself and your own experiences with love and loss. He is able to capture what everyone has felt at least one time or another.

He also released a book of his work, Tales of a Time Traveller, mostly focusing on the themes of love and loss and heartbreak, which is similar to the pieces you can find on his Instagram account.

To get you feeling some type of way, and to introduce you to possibly your new favorite poet, here are 20 heartbreaking quotes and love poems by Instagram poet R. M. Broderick to help you move forward in life once again.

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You never know what will happen.
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“We were hoping to catch a break, but We ended up broken” — R. M. Broderick

It's crazy to think.
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“Isn’t it crazy to think that there are scars in places that nobody has physically touched?” — R. M. Broderick

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“And still we sacrifice the body in hopes that we’ll capture the heart.” — R. M. Broderick

Falling fast.
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“We fall too fast and crash too hard like shooting stars in a galaxy of broken hearts” — R. M. Broderick

How hard it really is to leave.
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“She kept leaving, but her heart always stayed.” — R. M. Broderick

Heartbreak hauntings.
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“Don’t fret my love these heartbreak haunted nights won’t last too long. They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” — R. M. Broderick

I had my chance.
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“I hope that he tells you, ‘that you’re beautiful’ too much. I hope he overuses ‘I love you’s’.  I hope he whispers that ‘you’re magic’ when he kisses you every morning and every night and I hope that not even once, not for a second, you wish it was me because I had my chance to tell you these things.” — R. M. Broderick

Pretending one last time.
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“It’s late. You’re tired and, co am I. It’s all heavy hearts, and heavy eyes tonight. We both know that it’s over but, for me can we pretend it’s love one last time.” — R. M. Broderick

Goodbyes are close.
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“My reflection in your rear view mirror tells me that goodbyes may be closer than they appear.” — R. M. Broderick

Shattered love
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“We want the lightning in a bottle kind of love without the possibility of the shatter.” — R. M. Broderick

This is going to hurt.
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“Like salt into an open wound your poured into my life, and all I could think was damn, this is going to hurt like hell.” — R. M. Broderick

Fall without direction.
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“And like water there will be days where we help carve mountains and fill oceans, and there will be days where we fall without any sort of direction and hope like hell that someone catches us.” — R. M. Broderick

Praying for rain.
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"And still my heart calls out your name, like long-winded Mondays call out for the weekend with every last breath left in the cavities of it’s chest. And still my lips search for collarbones to trace, but freeze up like arthritic fingers just waiting to feel the ache. And still here I wait, like puddles in the summer slowly starting to evaporate, and praying for sweet August rain.” — R. M. Broderick

Ability to destroy.
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“How can I tell you how I feel without giving you the ability to completely destroy me.” — R. M. Broderick

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“You’ll always remember how it feels to be forgotten. It’s like bracing for heartbreak from a love that never showed up.” — R. M. Broderick

Missing you.
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“Missing you is quite like finding new ways to breathe after all the oxygen is gone.” — R. M. Broderick

Stronger from it all.
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“I was once ruined by someone and there are moments where it still hurts, my heart breaks, and I am still afraid, but I hope I never make you feel lonely in my presence because you are not her and because of that I am a little bit stronger each day.”  — R. M. Broderick

Nobody else could see it.
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“I felt sadness from head to toe, from skin to bone, but the single most saddening this had to be that I hid it so well nobody could see it but me.” — R. M. Broderick

Torn and crumpled.
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“It’s as if we were mad of paper…the way we tear and crumpled with such ease.” — R. M. Broderick

A little could've gone a long way.
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“It wasn’t his lips, his kiss, his touch or his ways that she missed, or that she craved. It was the effort and a little but could’ve gone a long ways.” — R. M. Broderick