How To Do The 'Three-Legged Sex Position' Everyone Is Buzzing About

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I've never been a huge fan of over-the-top sex positions.

To my way of thinking, sex should be as easy and enjoyable as eating pizza, and just like eating pizza, I prefer to do it in bed. 

If you're having sex in bed, there are plenty of sex positions you can try.

However, if you get bold and decide to try having sex places other than lying down in your bed after a sexual life of not bothering, it can be tough to know where to start.

So many people leap right into dramatic and difficult standing sex positions. Unsurprisingly, they have a bad experience and never try having sex standing up again.

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I'm here to tell you that you can be a total lard-ass who is also not flexible and still have sex standing up. 

In fact, that's what the three-legged sex position was designed to do.

Forget skipping ahead to all of that advanced Kama Sutra that has you touching your butt with your elbow, and get down with this intermediate standing sex position, the three-legged dog. 

Before you go running to jump on your dude and try it out, here are 4 critical things you need to know about this energetic, beginner-friendly, standing sex position:

1. It has a lot of different names 

From the pretty offensive "Three Legged Chinaman" to the flowery "Lusty Leg Lift" to the literal "Three-Legged Dog," this sex position has been around so long that basically everyone has their own name for it. 

For me, as a rule, the more names a sex position has, the more likely I am to give it a try. 

If enough people are using it and liking it enough to christen it and make it their very own, there's probably something there, right?

After all, nobody really calls the 69 sex position anything other than the 69... and with good reason.

For lo, it is the worst. 

2. How to do the three-legged sex position

I am not going to lie to you: this sex position requires that you have some skill balancing.

I'm not saying you need to be an acrobat to try and get your rocks off this way, but maybe stretch before hand or at the very least, try this near a wall or your bed in case you lose your footing.

Because let's be real, when you're having sex, maintaining your balance should be the last thing on your mind.

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To do it, stand facing your partner. 

Then, lift one leg (whichever one you want, live your life, I don't know you) and hike it up over your partner's hip (take a second if you need to check on that all-important balance). 

In this position, help guide him inside of you and proceed accordingly (you know, with the fucking), using your hiked leg as the torque you both need. 

3. Why you should try it.

When done well, there is nothing more intimate and intense than standing up sex. 

Without using a wall or a bed as a brace, it gives you even more of an awareness of how intimate the act itself can be.

You two become totally enmeshed in each other. 

Plus when you're done, you can dismount and race each other to the kitchen for snacks.

It's high octane sex that leads to high octane afterglow time. 

It's also an ideal position for those lunchtime quickies — you won't even have to totally disrobe to get it done! 

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4. Rookie mistakes

Do not, I repeat, do not, try this sex position for the first time drunk.

You're going to need your wits about you when it comes to making sure you don't trip over and give yourself a concussion on his erect penis

You might think that this position is easy, and it is — when you have done it a few times before. 

The first few times you'll need lube (lots of lube) and patience to get it right. 

But just like getting to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, some sex positions are worth the wait and this, my friends, is definitely one. 

Don't just right into sex with this position either. Even once you feel like you've mastered it, it's okay to start with foreplay on the bed before getting into this position.