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Apparently Penis Contouring Is Now A Thing — Here's How It Works

Photo: Youtube
penis contouring what is it and how do you do it

Well, ladies, it seems as though men may actually be more in touch with our makeup woes than we have realized. 

Just as makeup saves the day for our eyebrows, and lately, cleavage problems, men who want their package to look bigger even while soft have decided makeup contouring might be for them, too. At least they can if they want to, according to makeup artist Jeffree Star

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Penis contouring, not the kind where women draw a makeup penis on their face for shadowing effects but literally putting makeup on a penis' shaft to extend the appearance of its length, shocked the world when Jeffree Star admitted he does it.

Jeffree was giving YouTube star Shane Dawson a makeup tutorial when Shane started asking questions about how to use makeup.

As Shawn was getting some highlighting done on his eyebrows, he asked Jeffree if he ever contours his penis, "for fun."

To Shawn's surprise (and everyone else's) Jeffree said, he contours his shaft a lot.  

Don't believe it? If you can't watch the whole video, fast forward to the 11:45 mark:

Although some are surprised that someone with a penis might do this, it shouldn't be surprising that a makeup artist would.

What we learn from Jeffree is that you have to contour a penis when it's longer, and when you do, it looks longer. 

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And when it goes down, it looks just like a regular penis, but with makeup on it.  


A post shared by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on Jul 7, 2017 at 8:33pm PDT

Just like regular contouring, three shades are used. A darker shade, a lighter shade, and a highlighting shade, and it simply gives the shaft a more fuller appearance. 

Seeing as how women have been contouring their own body parts, it seems only fair that anyone who wants to improve their body parts would turn to contouring.

Some males feel pressured to have a larger looking penis. So, a male who is into pleasing their partner might consider making his more visually appealing with makeup even if it's not the best thing to put on his skin.

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But men didn't agree with penis contouring to make a penis look bigger. Most found this to be a funny suggestion and decided to show their disapproval by creating penis contouring videos.

Here are a few hilarious ones on the subject by other YouTubers:

1. Mike from the Burly Show uses water to make his penis look bigger:

Seems practical enough. 

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2. Beauty Guru John decided to help men learn how to contour their penis with a banana.

But even Lorac Mega Pro Palette couldn't fix the curve problem. That didn't work.

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3. The Size Doctor, aka the Penilizer said, "no" to penis contouring. 

And encouraged men to go for safer and realistic penis enlargement options rather than creating an illusion if he's got a smaller than average penis.

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He also warns about getting makeup powder around their genitals, which is true since makeup does come with hidden health dangers.

So, if you're going to have fun contouring your man's penis, wash it off before things get more intimate.