In All The World, THIS Country Has The Largest Average Penis Size

Largest Average Penis Size

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you probably, almost most definitely have an opinion about penis size. You have to figure even if you don’t have one or you’re a straight woman, there’s good chance size means at least something to you. Of course size isn’t everything, but you at least want to feel it and not have to wonder if it’s in or not. (I’ve had one of those instances, and it was awkward as hell for both parties. Trust me.)

But the thing about men and penises is there’s a bit of a disconnect. What men say their penis size is compared to what the actual size is tends to be a little off. This could either be because men are lying or just don’t know how to measure their favorite body part. FYI: It should be measured from the very tip of the penis straight on down to the pubic bone, in case you want to look into later with your partner.

According to a recent study, the average global penis size, erect of course, is 5.5 inches.

If you can’t really picture that, then look at a ruler and you’ll have a greater understanding of what that really means. The average size in the United States is even smaller than that at 5.1 inches because, of course, that was your next question.

I’ve found that most men I know, both gay and straight, and those who are just friends or otherwise, say they’re "about seven inches or so," but in reality that doesn’t make sense because the largest penis average goes to the Congo at 7.1 inches. And, contrary to what you also might have been told by men in your past (and those to follow) only six percent of guys in the world actually need those extra-large condoms. I’m so happy we put that myth to bed.

The Congo holds the largest average penis size on Earth.

The smallest goes to North Korea at a measly 3.8 inches, not far behind them are India and Thailand, both at four inches, and Taiwan and the Philippines both at 4.2 inches. If you’re looking for a man with a big dick, then you definitely want to head south. Although the Congo may be the biggest average of all the countries, South America, as a whole continent, takes top place for the largest erect penises out there. Europe seems to be the best place to find a good size dick, because they’re above the global average, but you’re not going to be in pain either, and it’s always nice to be able to sit after sex, isn’t it?

All this penis talk aside, I think everyone, men and women, can agree that what good sex really comes down to is technique. Personally, I’ve found that men who were lacking in size really, like really, made up for it in other ways because they were aware of their size deficiency and owned it. You can’t escape a blaring truth so if you and your partner, whether it’s long-term or a one-night stand, can face the facts about the penis in the room, everyone will be better off. Small penises don’t have to mean bad sex, and honestly, big ones don’t always mean great sex either.

Here's the full rankings, if you're interested: