10 Poems By Insta Poet N.R. Hart That Remind Us To Never Take Love For Granted

N.R. Hart is a romantic that puts all other romantics to shame. Growing up on Shakespeare plays, romance novels, and love songs, she was practically born to be a die-hard romantic.

But even with all of this love and romance making her feel like she was living in her own love story, she knew there was going to be challenges to being able to share this love with others.

Writing poetry — and writing in general — is all about dedication, concentration and passion, according to Hart — and she’s right.

You can’t expect to be good at anything, even the things you love, if you don’t put in the effort. Just like relationships require constant care and devotion, so does poetry.

But if you’re like Hart, then you’ll fight tooth and nail if you have to, just to share your love with others.

When I first visited her Instagram page, I got the goosebumps I only get when I recognize someone’s passion for their work.

Hart isn’t just a writer and she isn’t just a poet – she’s a force to be reckoned with.

You only have to read one of her poems to realize that not only is she trying to explain how love makes you feel, or how these poems are from the bottom-most part of her heart, but she’s also proving that words are an incredibly powerful tool that can change the world.

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She loves writing about what people aren’t saying. All of those times you wanted to express an emotion, a feeling, or a thought — Hart has the words for you.

But not only that, she has the ability to evoke these feelings in you with just a few lines.

Hart may believe in a lot of things, not the least of which are about expressing how love makes you feel. 

But if she had to stand by one truth for the rest of her life, it would be that love is the only thing that’s going to save us.

And if that doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what will.

Check out N.R. Hart’s Instagram and her Facebook page for all of her beautiful poetry, as well as her first book called Poetry and Pearls, on her website.

Her plans for the future include another book of poetry, a children’s book of poetry, and a romance novel, so keep an eye out for more of her work!

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On being touched.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“Your hand on my thigh sends my heart racing. I know what you’re up to and can’t help smiling.” — N.R. Hart

On love being unpredictable.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“I want all of me to crash into all of you. Because sometimes love is a hurricane.”  N.R. Hart

On love being intense.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“I thought if I could write about you, I would get you out of my system, but you are like blood and fire running through me.”  N.R. Hart

On getting lost in someone's eyes.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“His eyes were blue like the ocean and I spent most my days getting lost at sea.”  N.R. Hart

On love making your heart beat faster.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“I hold you closest to my heart. It beats stronger with you there.”  N.R. Hart

On filling your mind with love.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“You filled my mind with wild butterflies.”  N.R. Hart

On being awakened by love.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“Kiss me in the spring so I know what it feels like to come alive like a season.”  N.R. Hart

On leaving your mark.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“He left his love marks all over me with only his hands and teeth.”  N.R. Hart

On breaking the armor around someone's heart.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“I will love you hard enough to shed that armor you hold around your heart.”  N.R. Hart

On seeing someone's soul.

n.r. hart quotes instagram poet love quotes

“How were we ever to say goodbye when I have seen your soul and you have seen mine.”  N.R. Hart

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