We Asked Men To Tell Us How Women Have Actually HURT Their Penises During Sex


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I never really thought much about all of the injuries that could befall a person when they have sex.

I know you can get tampons stuck inside your vagina and that it can be present during sex. I know too much friction and not enough lube can lead to micro-tears in the vagina ... and all that good (but really not so good) stuff.

However, I didn't know that guys can be just as concerned about potential sex injuries as women!


I'm not saying that what men think during sex is a non-stop stream of different ways you could break their penis, but they are just as sensitive to what feels bad during sex as they are to what feels good.

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I decided to ask a group of anonymous guys what men think women might accidentally do to hurt their penises during sex.

They opened up and, boy howdy, I will never look at sex with a penis the same way again!



Okay, guys. When it comes to sex, what do you secretly fear she might do to your penis?

  • "Sometimes it's not her I'm worried about, it's me. If I'm really hard and drunk I can use too much force in missionary which can leave me with raw spots on my [penis]."
  • "Full on penis fracture. You have not lived true terror until a woman has gotten on top of your penis and doesn't seem to have a clue what she's doing. I thought my penis was going to snap in half."
  • "My girlfriend was riding me "cowgirl" one time and I decided to try and heat things even further by spanking her, I reached around too far and ended up smacking myself in the [testicles] mid-coitus.
  • "After getting hot and heavy with a girl I was seeing for a few days, we finally made it to the bedroom. She put her hand around my neck and told me she wanted to feel like I was forcing her. Skeptically I pressed on. She kicked me in the [testicles]. Man down. She apologized profusely, and we had sex anyway but every thrust felt like my [testicles] were being smashed."
  • "We [had] way too much [sex] over the weekend, and I rubbed some serious chafing on my [penis]. Like so bad I had to wait for a week for it to heal. Didn't even spank it. Tragic."
  • "One of the first handjobs I ever got, my girlfriend was wearing a ring. It hurt but I was so excited I stupidly didn't tell her to stop and take it off. That scratch lasted a couple weeks."
  • "Did you know you can get friction burns on your [penis]? Did you know how hard it is for those to heal? It can take months. I'm a grower, which means that the first couple of times it healed the skin healed tight when it was soft, and broke open every time I'd get excited. I'd wake up due to the pain of morning wood breaking my [penis] skin open."

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  • "I fractured my [penis] by pulling out too far before thrusting. It was like banging my [penis] head on into a wall. Went to the doctor after noticing bruising in my [testicles]. He told me no sex for 3 weeks. I complied."
  • "Did the whole pull the panties to the side and go at it thing. Had a blister on the side of my shaft. I do not recommend it. Just take the damn things off."
  • "I think most guys have had what I'll call the 'bent [penis]' moment. Typically happens when the girl is riding you. It's happened to me, but it wasn't so bad that I had to see a doctor...but the feeling is something I'll NEVER forget."