What Your Man Is REALLY Thinking About You During Sex

It's not what you think

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We all have different ideas about what men think about women when they’re having sex, and not all of them are positive.

I mean come on, being insecure the first time someone sees you in this vulnerable position?

Totally normal.

When it’s your first time in bed having sex with a guy, it can be impossible to let go and just be in the moment.

Instead, you get hung up on a myriad of things. Does he think I’m good in bed? Do I look sexy? Are my boobs under control? Do I look like a sweaty monster?


The truth is, none of that matters. 

What men think about women during sex isn’t bad stuff. It’s awesome stuff. It’s the mental equivalent of big ol’ erection  

If that’s not clear enough, here are 9 things men never think about women when they’re having sex.

1. What men think about women having hairy legs:

If a guy is lucky enough to find himself being wrapped up in your legs for hot sex, then the last thing on his mind is your leg hair.

During sex, every sensation is heightened, so he’s much more likely (if he thinks about your leg hair at all) to think of the feel of your soft leg hair as one more GOOD thing about having sex.



2. What men think about women and our cellulite:

Your man may or may not notice that you have cellulite while you’re having sex.

Even if he does, it’s just that.

Noticing your cellulite. 

He’s not judging, he’s taking in every part of you, even the parts that you deride as your “cottage cheese bits” or your “secret shame.”



3. What men think about women's double chins during sex:

If you’re in a position where you’re genuinely worried that your man is noticing your double chin, this most likely means that you’re riding him like the noble cowgirl that you are.

If you are having sex and you’re on top, he’s NOT thinking about your chins.

He’s thinking about what a lucky SOB he is, and enjoying the view of a lifetime.




4. What men think about women and their boogers: 

Let’s face it, sex is gross.

I mean, it’s awesome, but my god sex is all about fluids and weird noises and positions, that’s part of it’s charm!

If you’re worried that you have a bat in the nose cave, stop worrying! That’s just par for the course, and every guy will agree.  

5. What men think about women and how their feet smell:

Once my boyfriend and I had sex after a long hike and I was paranoid the entire time that he was going to smell my foot stank during sex and end our relationship in a fit of pique.

That was until the final moments when he actually….SNUGGLED UP TO THE STANK. 


Your foot smell is just another smell that comes from your body, let’s give it up for the allure of your pheromones.


6. What men think about women's queefs (aka vagina farts):

If a guy judges you for air passing out of your vagina I give the magical gift of a two-word incantation you can apply to put him soundly in his place.

Are you ready?

Here we go:

Ball slapping.

We all know the unfortunate noise of balls slapping a butt or vagina, and we all know that it immediately removes any right he might have to mock your own bodily sounds.


7. What men think about women's orgasm noises: 

Dude. Unless you turn into tickle me Elmo when you have an orgasm, all a guy cares about is knowing that he’s helped you have an orgasm and that you enjoyed it.


Men are aural creatures, the more primal, and open your sounds are during sex, the better.



8. What men think about how your vagina looks:

Guess what?


Your vagina is perfect.

Every vagina is a little bit different, but that doesn’t mean every vagina isn’t absolutely perfect in its own way.

It’s natural to be a little shy when you’re first hooking up with a guy, but never be worried that he’s looking at your vagina and finding it lacking.

Chances are if he’s looking at your vagina the only thing going through his head is a choir of angels.


9. What men think about women and their butt sweat 

You know what happens if you’re having sex and doing it right?


Every part of you that can sweat, will sweat. That’s just the way it works.

And yeah, that means even your butt is going to sweat.


But guess what?

His butt is going to be sweating too. He’s not worrying about whether you will get all sweaty and thus become undesirable, he’s wondering if you both are hydrated enough to keep gettin’ your sex on!