Zodiac Signs That Are The BIGGEST Sex Vixens

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zodiac signs that are amazing at sex
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You don't wait for sexual satisfaction, you take it.

What kind of vixen are you? Do you know or do you keep that part of yourself buried deep?

In the past, being called a vixen was the same as someone calling you a witch or a shrew. It wasn't a name that anyone wanted to be called, let alone labeled as. Then over time, the word vixen took on another meaning: that of a sexually attractive woman. Today, the word has morphed into not only a hot woman but one who openly appreciates sex.

And a sex vixen, while it may sound redundant, is someone who wants, craves, and needs sex enough to go out and get it, someone who doesn't wait but makes sure her desires are satisfied first. She’s empowered, confident, and doesn't shy away from passionate but embraces it as one does a birthright.

A sex vixen is that part of us that we only allow certain people to see. You don’t want to expose your raw sexual hunger to everybody but only those that you know can handle it.

There’s something about all women that makes them hot, luscious, and sexually appealing but we sometimes don’t know how to access our raw sexuality.

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You may be comfortable making sex tapes or posing nude for magazines and websites, but putting your own sexuality out there for everyone to see may be much more daunting. We want to be open with our lovers but a woman’s sexuality is powerful.

You can have sex but it isn’t always that fully charged, passionate sex that leaves you spent and exhausted. Sometimes you need a new partner for that or someone that is on the same page as you sexually.

When you’re letting your sex vixen out and you add sexual chemistry to that, that’s when sex is supercharged and is unforgettable. Here are the zodiac signs that are amazing at sex and what kind of sex vixen each is.

ARIES: You're a Primal Sex Vixen
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You have no problem seeing men as purely sexual objects and when you're done with them, kicking them out of your bed. No strings attached works for you as it allows you to express your primal instincts. You have a strong need for sex and there are times when that need must be satisfied quickly. Your thirst for sex is never quenched and sometimes you put yourself in potentially dangerous situations because you let your lust lead you instead of your brain.


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TAURUS: You're a Carnal Sex Vixen
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You're very sensual and you know how to use your body in the most pleasurable ways. You're a very tactile lover and touching and massaging is a big part of your sex play. It takes a lot to satiate you and it's fine with you if it takes all night. You like to use as many of your senses as possible when you're having sex, making quickies not really your thing.


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GEMINI: You're a Naughty Sex Vixen
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You definitely like to play sex games when you're having sex — they could be mind games, sexy talk or even role-playing. Your moods also come into play; one minute you're an innocent and must be seduced, and the next you're the seductress and intent on teasing your partner until they scream for release. Your partner may not know what they're getting but it keeps the excitement going.


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CANCER: You're an Ultra-Feminine Sex Vixen
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You can be a bit of a girly girl with lingerie. You like to set the scene with candles and music but that's not to say that you're passive when it comes to sex — nothing could be further from the truth. You just like to use your feminine gifts to turn your partner on and will accentuate your body's natural sexiness in the best way that you can. If you have curves or incredible legs or any part of your body that you find sexy, that's what you show off to their full advantage.


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LEO: You're a Wildcat Sex Vixen
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You're creative, powerful, and passionate and you need a partner who can keep up with you. You have no problem taking the initiative and making the first move. You can be as dominate as a lion or as cuddly as a kitten and you're an extremely generous lover. As giving as you are, you will not have your own needs ignored and will do what you must to be satisfied.


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VIRGO: You're the Girl Next Door Sex Vixen
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You've got a good girl vibe going on but underneath that burns a white-hot sexuality that surprises your partners. You're never vulgar or obnoxious but you know how to convey your scorching desire. You may appear straight-laced but you are a dynamo when it comes to sexual desire and ability. No one goes away unsatisfied after being with you.


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LIBRA: You're a Seductive Sex Vixen
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You're charming, you're flirty, and you know just what you need to do to arouse and delight your partner. You don't want to dominate nor do you want to be dominated, you want a partner who is your equal and who enjoys the same things that you do. 


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SCORPIO: You're a Sultry Sex Vixen
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Of all the zodiac signs that are amazing at sex, you're oozing sexuality and probably couldn't turn it off, even if you wanted to. You're very sexual and making sure you have amazing sex is one of your reasons for being. You're one of those people that others envy because it's clear you not only gotta have it, you're getting it good.


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SAGITTARIUS: You're a Funny Sex Vixen
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Humor can be a powerful aphrodisiac and you use your excellent sense of humor as a method of seduction — yes, you can turn someone on by making them laugh. It's not that you're not sexy all on your own, it's just that your wicked sense of humor makes you even more desirable and hot. When you're making each other laugh when you're in bed, you're even more intimate.


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CAPRICORN: You're a Surprising Sex Vixen
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Everyone thinks you're so reserved and tightly wound and in some ways that's true, but you're also very sexual and have a huge sexual appetite. What's surprising is how much you enjoy non-vanilla kinky sex. You're willing to try anything once and if you like something, you'll do it again and again until your partner is exhausted. 


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AQUARIUS: You're a Creative Sex Vixen
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You not only read everything you can on new sex positions and moves but you like to come up with your own. The last thing you want is a boring sex life, so you think of ways to spice things up and to keep it fresh and exciting. You experiment and tinker until you come up with the perfect combination that will get both you and your partner off.


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PISCES: You're a Romantic Sex Vixen
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You're so romantic that you like your sexual encounters to be the stuff of rom-coms. You want there to be romance right along with your sex — it should be a magical expression of love and sexuality. It might just be one night but it will be a night that neither you nor your partner will ever forget. Though, you prefer relationship sex and love to use elements of fantasy.


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