Where To Find Fireball Gummy Bears Because YES, These Boozy Treats Exist

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where to find fireball gummy bears

Look no further!

Wondering where to find Fireball gummy bears? Did you even know these boozy treats were a thing? I just found out about them, and I’m dying to add these fiery little gummies to my snack collection.

You read that right, guys: Fireball gummy bears, like that recognizable bottle of cinnamon whiskey in every bar.

There’s a good chance that the mere mention of Fireball makes your gag reflex jolt into action; however, the whiskey has some raving fans. Throwing back shots of this cinnamon liquid can get kind of old, so for all of the fans out there, you have a new way to enjoy it: in gummy bears!

Photo: hit.com.au

So, are you wondering where to find Fireball gummy bears? "Tell me already!" you might be thinking. Well, you can find these cinnamon-flavored gummy bears on Etsy, of course.

What started as a platform for handmade goods, Etsy, over time, has proven itself as a go-to place for the trendiest version of everything. And it’s the Etsy marketplace that has been hiding these undeniably awesome Fireball gummies.

On the site, you can visit Irish Confectionery Company, which sells bags of "Fire Cubs" — 100 pieces of them actually — for only $5.79. While these are currently sold out, you can keep an eye out for the restock and in the meantime, try out some of their other gummy bears which have flavors like rum, wild berry moonshine, and wine. Leave it up to the Irish to flavor candy like booze.

Photo: Etsy/IrishConfectioneryCo

Still want to know where to find Fireball gummy bears when this first shop is all sold out? Check out VineGelee, which is also on Etsy. They offer Fireball gummy bears by weight, and you can get yourself four ounces for $9.95. The company suggests freezing the gummies and then adding them to a glass of champagne or wine. Yum!

If for some reason you can’t find Fireball gummy bears on Etsy, you can always resort to making your own. Just buy a bag of regular gummy bears and soak them in some straight-up Fireball whiskey overnight. You’ll have yourself a perfect addition to your brunch the next day.