10 Sassy Quotable Lessons From The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season Nine Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been creating drag superstars since 2009 and this new season of Queens is no different!

Thousands of drag queens audition for Drag Race — some have even auditioned every single season! — and only 14 queens are selected by RuPaul himself to compete for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar."

Now, Drag Race may seem like a fun, hilarious and entertaining competition show, but there’s SO much more to what these queens do!

Drag Queens have a long history of being advocates, spokesmodels, celebrities, and activists — for LGBT causes and many, many others.

It's a lot of work. The queens on Drag Race have to produce unique runway looks, design, act, sing and dance in a variety of challenges. They work their butts off to be THE BEST, which leads to the drama-filled queens we know and love.

But it’s so much more than just a competition. Many of the queens who have walked through the Werk Room of Drag Race come in with stories of discrimination, ridicule, and even rejection from their own families.

They are shining success stories for both the drag community and the queer community. Some of them started their careers in drag with no money, no home, and no one to call family

But look where they are now! And because of that, they’ve got some inspiration to share with the world.

For little kids dreaming of being drag stars, for LGBT kids struggling to understand themselves, these drag queens show that NO MATTER WHAT, following your heart and your dreams will always lead you where you’re supposed to be.

The queens of RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 have shared some serious life lessons this year through both their fierce attitudes and endless supply of sassy quotes. Here are some of our favorite Drag Race quotes from this season...

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got the best quotes to share and savor. For quotes from the most inspiring celebsactivists, and poets, look no further! You might even find the quote that motivates the best parts of your life (and love!) forever.

We are all human, remember that.

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"Underneath all this glamorous drag, I am still a human being, so... be kind." — Jaymes Mansfield

Pain leads to strength.

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

“You’re worth it. You’re special and you’re beautiful. So you’re gonna stay strong and you’re gonna rely on your friends.” — Charlie Hides

Shine, queen!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"You know what I say! You can never wear too much highlighter." — Farrah Moan

Be at peace, release the bitterness!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"I’m gonna sound bitter. And I’m totally at peace with that, you know?" — Nina Bonina Brown

Confidence is key!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"I love who I am and love what I do." — Valentina

You are the full package!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"I am all about body, curve, swerve, glamor, class, a little touch of prostitute, and of course, mug." — Alexis Michelle

Slay, Shea!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"I’m all for ambition, but ambition ain’t nothin’ without execution.” — Shea Coulee

Innovation is art!

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"If you want to join the revolution: innovate, that's my solution!" — Sasha Velour

You are stronger than you think.

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

“Know that all the things you’ve been through in life are going to make you a really strong person.” — Trinity Taylor

Trans lives matter, your life matters.

lgbt quotes inspiring quotes

"Despite everything you hear from other people, everything you feel on the inside is right. Don’t wait to express it." — Peppermint