RuPaul's 1983 Prom Photo Proves He's Always Been Fierce

Photo: Getty Images
RuPaul's 1983 Prom Photo Proves He's Always Been Fierce

Do you remember your high school prom? You fine-tuned your outfit down to every last detail — the dress or suit to complement your date’s, the hairdo that outdid everyone else’s, and the corsage/boutonniere combo to match.

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For most of us, our prom attire was traditional in that we wore a dress or suit that adhered to our school’s dress code, while vamping ourselves up with makeup and bling.

But glitz and glam aside, most of us chose something that expressed who we are.

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And RuPaul in particular is no stranger to expressing who he is, as we can clearly see in this photo from a high school prom in 1983.

Photo: dangerousminds

What's that? Why, yes, he DOES look absolutely fierce, honey!

Even in the 80s, he was rocking the punk/goth look, while adding his own unique flare.

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One thing is for sure: RuPaul has always been badass and unafraid to be himself. And for that, we applaud him.

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Samantha Maffucci is a love and entertainment writer.