8 Standing Sex Positions Everyone Should Try At Least Once

Because missionary gets boring.

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The only thing better than sex is new sex.

That said, it's not always an option to just go out and get you some new peen (or whatever you're into). However, what is possible is creating a new sex experience by jazzing things up in or out of the bedroom. 

You'd be surprised how a little bit of spontaneity can alter your sex life and even with the most subtle changes, such as changing up the sex-scenery or the sex position, can make a difference — you don't have to get crazy with it in the least bit. 


(OK so maybe just a little bit crazy. Like itty bitty.)

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Seriously, there are many times when I get tired of the same old missionary position and you probably do too.


However, here are 8 fun and different of the best sex positions for sex standing up — upside down, upside right, in the air — however you like it.

1. The Orchid Standing Sex Position

So, how does the the Orchid sex position work? It's pretty simple, actually. You will hop into a handstand against the wall and spread your legs apart providing your partner with easy access to give you the best oral of your life.


However, my concern would be that I'd be in so much ecstasy that I'd fall on my head and hurt myself. Definitely, consider that. 

2. Butterfly Standing Sex Position

In the Butterfly you'll face forward while you partner stands behind and swoops you up with your legs spread apart but locked closed on his arms (like a squat position). Hope you're dating a pretty strong guy because the sex hasn't even begun and already so much work has had to take place, but if you're acrobatic like that and can pull it off — it looks like it's totally worth it.


3. Wheelbarrow Standing Sex Position

Wheelbarrow is more common than the rest of the positions, but here's how it works: while laying on your stomach, your partner will grab your legs from behind and lift you up (like a wheelbarrow, duh) while you support yourself on your forearms. Once you get positioned correctly, take your partner in between your legs and wooork. 

4. Plow Standing Sex Position

The Plow is similar to the wheelbarrow, in that it's the same grabbing technique. The only difference is that your partner will grab your feet instead, pushing your knees towards your chest.


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5. Dolphin Standing Sex Position

Dolphin looks more like the swan when executed, but I digress. This position requires a bit of a balancing act, but with the help of your partner — it's manageable.

Your partner must stand with one leg forward and slightly bent as they stand on the ball of their foot; stand in front of them using their extended leg to prop yourself up while lifting and wrapping your leg around their waist.

Now, you're swimming (hopefully. Wink, wink).

6. Candle Standing Sex Position

This position is super, super simple. Seriously, these other ones can't hold a candle to the Candle.


Ready? Stand up, face forward and allow your partner to penetrate you from behind while holding onto your boobs. And you can use their neck for support. 

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7. Caliper Standing Sex Position


Caliper is another unique and fun position. With your partner standing toward you, face-to-face allow them to pick you up, ball your knees in, and wrap your arms around his neck for support and begin thrusting.

8. Sagittarius Standing Sex Position

This position — the Sagittarius — is every bit as adventurous as, well, Sagittarians themselves. Your partner needs to stand in a squat with their legs slightly bent, while you stand in front of them life your leg forcing your body to shift to a slight angle and allow them to penetrate while supporting you and your leg.