Man Got His Penis Stuck In A Tiny Wrench — And The Removal Was Humiliating

man having tiny wrench removed from penis

We're hurting for him.

In the land of strange and painful news? A mysterious man from eastern China's Zhejiang Province has made the news after having his penis removed.

But, not for any of the medical reasons you've probably conjured up in your mind. Nope. He was forced to have his manhood removed after he got it stuck in a wrench and a "tiny wrench" at that.

But to be clear, it (his dick) was the tiny wrench that he had it removed from — not his body. (Small detail, big difference.) 

Understandably so, the man doesn't want to be named and the circumstances under which he snagged his dick in a wrench are unbeknown to all parties involved, but one can only assume it was some crazy-kinky sh*t he might've been into. That's my best guess because what the hell else would a wrench be doing in the same vicinity as your dick.

Although doctors attempted to execute a plan in which they surgically remove the wrench from his penis by slowing down the blood flow to it, however, after the mystery man's parents refused to show up to the hospital to give written consent they were forced to take drastic measure by bringing in the fire department — to use an angle grinder! 

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Now, I'm not sure what that is but the word "grinder"? Ew. No. I'll pass on that pain. Furthermore, the fire department feared that the grinder might get too hot and make matters worse. (Wasn't sure that was possible — making matters worse.) Making no headway with that plan, the team ended up bringing a dentist into drill through with the obvious — a dental drill.

According to Men's Health

"The drill they brought along had a high-speed engine that allows it to rotate up to 300,000 times per minute, making it ideal for freeing penises. First, they tested it out on one of the firefighter’s wrenches. Then they took it to the man's schlong."
But, they also reported that the poor man sustained no further injury, aside from his pride and trust me — we get it. 
However, we're thankful that the man was saved from the tiny wrench regardless of our much deeper curiosity concerning the circumstances of his penis entrapment.