5 Erotic Stories About Justin Trudeau, Who Made Canada Hot Again

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Canada's Prime Minister has inspired a heck of a lot of erotica and with good reason!

It's hard to have Donald Trump as our president. His history as an accused (self-proclaimed) sexual assailant, his sexist policies, his racist Muslim ban, his refusal to believe that climate change is real — these are all things that make a good liberal shudder. 

Even if you aren't political, it's a little weird to have a president like Donald Trump who is so very unpresidential, and so very, well ... unsexy. Yeah, I know, I'm objectifying, but you know what? Given how long women have been objectified, I am 100% okay with sexifying my political leaders.

Donald Trump just isn't sexy, especially when you compare him to his sexy predecessor, the popular Barack Obama.

Rubbing even more salt in that wound? Canada's Prime Minister and a contender for the dreamiest man on planet Earth, Justin Trudeau.

Even if you disagree with Trudeau's policies (and frankly, that's hard to do if you're a liberal like me, I can really only get on him about the treatment of the indigenous peoples of Canada) you have to swoon when his flashes a grin, issues a statement about the importance of feminism, and then goes out to dinner with Obama where the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with whatever kind of knife they cut cheese with in Canada.  

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To that end, it is no surprise that the perverts of the internet decided that it was about time that Justin Trudeau got the erotic stories treatment. That's right, you don't have to look very far to find amazing examples of Justin Trudeau fanfiction. In fact, the problem when you're sorting through this erotica is which erotic stories are actually even WORTH reading! Which ones are pure sex? That's where I come in. I have officially been paid to read a bunch of erotica starring Justin Trudeau and bring to you the cream (lol) of the crop. 

So, prepare yourself: drop your pants to your ankles, light that maple syrup-scented candle, and get down to these 5 amazing examples of Justin Trudeau fanfiction:

1. Ottawa Calling 

Summary: Wherein newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron is felled by Justin Trudeau's masterful skills at phone sex.

Excerpt: "Imagine I'm with you — standing next to you, right there — I'm taking your hand... Your palm is so warm and soft. I want to kiss it. Will you let me? Give me your hand. You're so beautiful — so perfect in your suit. Sometimes I look up your photos on the Internet, and you know what I do next?”

Macron licked his lips.

“I undo my pants and close my eyes — and I try to think of your face and voice, I try to imagine how you look when you have sex with your wife -"

“No, I don’t want to hear that!”

“Why don’t you just hang up then? Aren’t your pants a bit too tight, now? God, I wish I could see your face, you’re probably all red—"

“Stop it.”

“I can hear, ‘Go on’ from your tone. Your voice is failing you, Emmanuel. You should control yourself better.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Do you really want to know?” Trudeau asked in a light manner [that] quickly changed to a soft whisper. “It’s turning me on; the thought of you: rich, powerful man in a tailored suit during his workday who just can’t resist this, who can’t say no. You like this as much as I do. Try to deny it. And then you can go home and hump your mattress while moaning my name, dreaming of sex.”

“What?” Macron’s thoughts were too distracted by now.

“That’s what I like to think of — what you do when you’re alone, how you relieve the stress, the pressure — do you think about me when you touch yourself? Do you think about the sex we could have? Picture the messy bed sheets and our bodies covered in sweat—"

“I beg you—"

“What about the next summit? How are you going to keep calm there? What if we’re seated next to each other and every time I touch you, you’ll know I want to fuck you right there — on the table, after everyone leaves — you’ll never get that image out of your head. Running out of breath already? I can hear you like it. You can touch yourself, stroke your cock through the clothes — your shaky, breathless voice sounds nice.”

“Fuck you,” Emmanuel exhaled as he finally succumbed to [the] temptation to do as Justin said.

“How does it feel, Manu? Are you enjoying yourself there? I wish you didn’t have to be so quiet — can you moan for me?”

“You’re a cheeky bastard—"

“You’re the one who’s getting off to it.” His voice cracked as he started his frenetic litany: “Oh, Manu, yes, right there... So good, baby, you’re so good — I want you, all of you, right now, I’ll take you the first chance I get, no matter where I want to make you cum in your perfect suit, I want to fuck you against a wall or on a table, I don’t care. I just want to taste you, kiss you — suck you off and swallow every drop — I want to see your face and listen to your voice as you grunt and pant and beg me for more. I want to be there when you scream as you come hard—"

Emmanuel quickly covered his mouth with the back of his hand as he let out an incoherent moan and felt the overwhelming relief.

It took him a few seconds to come back to full consciousness.

2. Macdeau: Avid of You 

Summary: This is the impossible story between two politicians. One is the president of the Republic and the other is the prime minister of Canada. Will these two men be ready to face obstacles on their way out of love? Will they let their passion flare open?

Excerpt:  Emmanuel got closer to Justin, paused his hand on his cheek, and pressed his mouth lightly against his. 

The kiss was brief and shy as if the lips of his counterpart were made of crystal. He broke the kiss, but it only lasted a second, for Justin had decided otherwise: he wanted more. 

He pressed his lips against those of French with greed. Faced with surprise, Emmanuel opened his eyes and closed them. His lips were warm and firm. As the seconds passed the kiss became more and more passionate.

Never had anyone embraced him that way. 

It was a mixture of sweetness and passion. Justin pulled on his tie to undo it and threw it somewhere in the large hotel room, then he nodded his head to deepen the kiss. He licked Emmanuel's lower lip to ask for access. His tongue slipped against his and a fierce struggle began for domination. Emmanuel put his hand against his lover's cheek, while Justin's one held the neck of the young president firmly.

Without breaking the kiss, they backed away until the Canadian's legs hit the edge of the bed. He let himself fall, dragging Emmanuel into his fall, who sat astride him. He broke the kiss, this time because of lack of air. 

As he tried to resume his breath, the man beneath him flipped his position. Justin unfastened the first buttons of his lover's shirt and buried his head in his neck. He placed delicate kisses on the clear skin of Emmanuel and then when he found his point sensitive, He began to suck, bite, and lick his skin. The French president let out a sigh and drew the hair of the man sitting on him. Justin slid his nose against his jaw, then his cheek until he faced the face of French.

"Kiss me,"  he murmured, brushing his lips.

3. Handshakes, Trumpshakes

Summary: Hands are not just for handshakes, it would seem.

Excerpt: “I’m so glad Trump didn’t hurt your hand with his Trumpshake.”

“I knew what to do. I learned that from you.”

“It would be a pity to crush those fingers,” Justin continued while taking Emmanuel’s hand in his own. “Delicate fingers,” he corrected himself before laying a kiss on them.

The Frenchman shivered. Two days here in Sicily was long enough for the two of them to grow close — closer than with other politicians. But the cameras were everywhere and there was no time for their personal lives and interests.

Politics first.

Emmanuel knew from the very first second of the summit that he won’t resist the devoted look in Justin’s eyes. Sometimes he could feel the Canadian’s leg touching his under the table in the conference room and when they were walking side by side he knew the occasional touches were not that accidental. The way Trudeau spoke and the way he smiled warmly with his eyes full of love were enough to make Macron’s heart skip a beat.

And sometimes he just wanted to tell everybody to piss off and leave him alone — alone with the Canadian prime minister as they were now.

“I doubt Trump will want to shake hands with us anytime soon,” Emmanuel laughed although he was already thinking of the upcoming meeting with all the other participants of the summit.

How much time did they have, anyway?

He tried to look at his wristwatch, but Justin didn’t let him.

“I think you should find a better use for your hands, Monsieur le président,” he whispered, standing so close that Emmanuel could feel the warmth of his body.


The meeting started in ten, maybe five minutes.

But when Emmanuel saw the look in Justin’s eyes, he knew exactly what to do.

“Can you show me what do you mean?” he asked in the most innocent tone. “I’m new in this business.”

4. No Way To Go But Up 

Summary: Ted Cruz is abducted prior to the 2016 Elections and is presumed dead after a few months. A disbelieving Marco Rubio sets out on a journey to find Ted Cruz, only to encounter something he did not absolutely expect.

Excerpt: Barack knew about people shipping his dear Justin with Tony Stark from the Avengers. Sure, Tony is just a fictional character but deep inside, Barack felt pretty jealous. It's like he wants the G20 summit to just come already so he can finally meet Justin again and show the world that they still have close diplomatic relations that remains unbreakable.

"I accept your reassurance," Barack said. "Now down to the more serious stuff. Has the Zodiac Killer been transported to Canada?" he asked.

Zodiac Killer, by the way, was the code-name that the two leaders have used to refer to Senator Ted Cruz. 

"He has been transported into my country and we will begin the process of reprogramming him," Justin spoke, "Rona Ambrose, whom you've met during your recent visit to the House of Commons, is overseeing the process. After being reprogrammed, Mr. Cruz will be standing in as a candidate for the Calgary Heritage riding, as you may have known. Mr. Harper has stepped down as the MP for the said riding. You chose the perfect time to have us reprogram the Zodiac Killer."

"Justin, liberalize him, but not too much, okay? Certain parts of his conservatism need to be preserved, as to prevent suspicion from people over his reprogramming," Barack instructed, "And of course, tell him that he has to start going by a name other than Ted Cruz. Rafael Cruz perhaps, or even Edward Cruz. That way, people would suspect less that he is the missing U.S. Senator. Lastly, you better tweak the way he looks, too. You know what to do."

"Of course Barack," Justin answered, "We will take utmost care in making sure that the Zodiac Killer's reprogramming is successful."

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5. Canadian Comfort

Summary: Respected former president of the United States, Barack Obama, visits Ottawa, Canada, to vent to his friend Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister. But an innocent visit turns into something more when Justin says more than he should have.

Excerpt: "The people, " Barack scoffed, "Hillary Clinton got the majority percentage. She would have been a great leader." He started pacing.

Justin sighed. He knew, of course. He patted the seat beside him. "Come sit down, Barack. "

"How can I sit when America needs me?"

Justin looked at his friend with pleading eyes. Barack sighed and sat down, unable to disobey the prime minister when he used sad eyes.

"Look, we're in Canada. Just forget about the US for today, ok? It's not your problem anymore."

Barack lifted his eyes to Justin's, and the younger man had to look away. It was strange for the leader of a nation to fear eye contact, but it was different with Obama. Justin felt if he stared at Barack too long, he wouldn't be able to look away, to escape those wise and kind eyes.

"It's always my problem," Barack said, lifting Justin's chin to face him. "You would care if that Beiber kid controlled your nation. Moving away isn't an option. You will always feel responsible." Barack released Justin, who stared at the floor.

"I just wish it was more like here. I wish you were allowed to run again. I know you'd win. You're such an incredible person, an incredible man," Justin said, regretting his words as his face heated up and he realized what he'd said.

"You think I'm incredible?" Barack asked, smiling.

Justin looked at him, offering a shy smile. "Of course. You're an amazing leader, and I've always looked up to you."

"Well, I am taller than you," Obama joked.

"No..." Justin protested quietly, "It's such a dream come true to know you, more than anyone else does. I never thought such a handsome man would be telling me all the secrets he keeps from his wife." Justin slapped a hand over his own mouth.

Did I really just call him handsome? He's gonna think I'm such a loser! Justin thought to himself.

"Do you really feel that way, Justin?"

"For as long as I can remember," Justin responded, finally holding eye contact.

"I'm so glad you feel the same way," Barack admitted, touching Justin's face and leaning in. Justin turned away.

"You're a married man, Mr. Obama! What if Michelle found out?" Justin tried to protest, shaking, wanting nothing more than to kiss Barack Obama.

"You're so worried about me. You have a wife too, remember?" Barack chuckled. "They won't find out. I won't let them." Justin entwined his fingers with Barack's.

"Promise? No one will know?"

"I promise."

*Pieces may have been edited for grammar and consistency.