11 Tattoo Ideas For Hopeless Romantics Who've Loved And Lost

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Tattoo Ideas For Hopeless Romantics Who Have Loved And Lost
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And want the ink to prove it.

Falling in love means putting your heart on the line.

When the chemistry starts, that's when the mind gets bossy and goes through a series of logical, reasonable, rational thoughts. 

It wants to know if now is the right time to get romantically involved with someone, or is this relationship going to be a big waste of time. 

Your heart and mind go into a discussion:

Is this the right time for romance? Is this the right person?  

If s/he's the right person, is this the right relationship? Or is this relationship wrong for me?

Logic says, "Love the good guy or girl." "Love the person that's predictable." Pick safe. 

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The heart says to love big. 

But no matter how much logic prevails, your heart decides who you love. 

The moment your soul opens up and falls in love, the pain of regret and not knowing "what if" for the rest of your life is too severe. 

You don't want to miss out on a once and a lifetime experience. Maybe it won't work out — but what if it does ...

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Like the hit song by Selena Gomez that says, "The heart wants what it wants," the ache of love, no matter how painful, has to be followed through.

It's what the human experience is all about. Romance sometimes can feel like a meeting with destiny.

Rather than live in regret for playing it safe, you decide to take the chance and hope for the best. What have you got to lose? It's heartbreak one way or another.

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You jump in with both feet and give it all you've got. And sometimes when the time comes and it ends, it's no surprise.

This is what makes love, love — romantic sacrifice. At yeah, when it ends, it hurts, but it's a bittersweet memory to know that you risked it all for love. 

So for those brave souls who have taken the plunge into love, here are some lovely meant-for-ink images that are perfect tattoo ideas about love to remind you that even heartache can be beautiful and worth every moment you spent on it.

Here are 11 tattoo ideas of images and tattoo quotes for romantics who firmly believe it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

It's for the best.
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Sometimes you have to do what's right for you, even though it hurts. 

Your heart is still in it.
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Just because it's over doesn't mean your heart has moved on. 

You thought it would last forever.

All you've got left are memories, but those memories are everything. 

It was real.
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No matter how love goes down, when it's real, you know. 

Never say goodbye.
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People can dream, right?

I'm still heartsick.
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It doesn't get better, but I'll survive. 

You were my first kiss.
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Now, you're my first heartbreak.

We had to let go.
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But inside I still hold on.

Wound heal.
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Scars last forever. 

Of course, I'm a bit bitter.
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My love was real. 

We grew apart.
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Guess opposites don't always attract the way they say.