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10 Inspiring Quotes To Steal For A Tattoo With Your Sister

Nothing can perfectly explain the bonds between sisters, but a matching tattoo is a step in the right direction. I mean ... there is nothing more permanent than sisters so why not consider cementing that lifelong bond with some lifelong ink. 

You and your sister have been through it all; the good and the bad, new relationships and new heartbreaks, new schools and new jobs — and through it all you’ve been there for each other and had each others backs.

You are never getting rid of each other. Ever.

Maybe you didn't always see eye to eye. Maybe you fought over clothing, or a boy, or who got to use the car that day. But in the end you always came back to each other because sisterhood is stronger than all the ups and downs life takes us through. 

You grew up with each other, maybe even sleeping just a few feet away from each other for years. But as we grow older and begin to develop our own interests, our own friends, our own lives, we are no longer together all the time.

That doesn't mean we are forgotten or unloved, though.

Tattoos can help keep the bond strong between each other and make sure we are always on each others minds. 

When thought through and chosen carefully, tattoos may be able to give outsiders a sneak peak into your sisterhood.

Maybe it’s something you have in common, maybe it’s an inside joke, or maybe its just a little something to remind you of each other. But when you look at that tattoo a smile will spread across your face and your heart will be full of love as you think of each other and all that you share.

While you can’t chose who your sister is, you can choose how to celebrate your unique bond.

It’s hard to really communicate how much you both mean to each other. But with so many sisterhood themed tattoos to choose from, you’ll be able to tell whatever story or memory you want.

The hardest part will be agreeing on which sisterhood themed tattoo to get. So before your trip to get inked, look through some of these quotes to get inspired. 


If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got the best quotes to share and savor. For quotes from the most inspiring celebs, activists, and poets, look no further! You might even find the quote that motivates the best parts of your life (and love!) forever.

One quote for two sisters

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matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

Can you get any more to the point?

Sisters can do so much together

matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

For all the times you’ve been there for each other, and for all the times you will be there for each other. 


Sisterhood is a balancing act

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matching tattoo quotes sister quotes


Sisters can be the devil or the angel on your shoulder. BONUS: a Morse Code tattoo is perfect because no one keeps a secret like a sister.


Sisters stick together through thick and thin

matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

Nothing is quite like the bond between sisters.


Sisters are forever

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matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

Sisterhood started with watching Disney classics together, and will never end.


Sisters are always with each other in spirit

matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

You know what is close to your heart? Your ribs. A perfect location for this quote.

Sometimes lyrics are the best at expressing how you feel

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matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

Sister and there to support you, encourage you, but also to keep you grounded. 


A classic quote

matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

This scene in a tear-jerker, and this tattoo will pull at your heart whenever you look at it.

For the Potterheads

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matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

As both a reminder for your shared love of Harry Potter and for all the crazy stories about the things you did as kids. 


Your sister is never too far away

matching tattoo quotes sister quotes

Sisterhood knows no distance