10 Quotes For When You Wish You Could Just Go Back To Bed

Have you ever had one of those days — or weeks — when it feels like you’ve worked six hours straight and then you look at the clock and barely 20 minutes have gone by?

These are the WORST types of days in my opinion. That is when I wish I could just crawl right back into bed because I already know my week is going to go by incredibly slow.

But even though it seems hard to top, there is something worse than your work week feeling more like a work month; when you get all excited for the weekend and then it turns into more work and no fun.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to stay out late on Friday nights because I know I can just sleep in Saturday morning and watch Netflix all day.

But sometimes, my plans change suddenly and I’m up early working instead of in bed, sleeping until noon.

And unless you get paid to sleep (how cool would that job be?!) everyone can relate to wanting to just call in sick to work and sleep instead.

But wanting to go back to bed is more than just wanting to sleep — at least, to me it is. Because I do SO much in my bed, when I say, “I’m going to bed” it could mean anything; reading, eating, Netflix and chill, and online shopping to name a few.

But whether I’m buying yet another pair of shoes or I’m catching up on my new favorite show on Netflix, one thing is always true: I’m a HUGE fan of my bed.

Even just talking about it now makes me want to get into comfy clothes and take a nap, especially after those brutally long weeks that take everything out of you.

So, for all of you who can totally relate to this, here are some funny quotes that will make you want to go right back to bed.

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On always being tired.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.”

On knowing that tomorrow is gonna suck.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“I feel like I’m already tired tomorrow.”

On being tired, but still classy.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“The bags under my eyes are Prada.”

On needing way more sleep than you're getting.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“Friend: Are you getting enough sleep? Me: Sometimes when I sneeze, my eyes close.”

On wanting to crawl back into bed.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“To the window, to the wall! To my comfy bed I crawl, down this big long hall, ahh, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.”

On how much it sucks to wake up in the morning.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am awake.”

On needing a few more hours of sleep.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“It's too "a.m." for me.”

On waking up.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance... The 5 stages of waking up.”

On the beauty of sleeping in.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“Happiness is... Not having to set an alarm for the next day.”

On wanting to sleep forever.

Funny Quotes Good Morning Quotes

“In the mood to sleep for 3 years.”