These Zodiac Pairs Make The Most Amazing, Compatible Best Friends

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best zodiac friends

The stars know you'll be best friends forever.

When we’re little, one of the first relationships that we have is with our best friend. As we grow, we may hold on to that best friend or we may have other ones.

In grade school, you can go through a lot of best friends. But as we get older, people come in and go from of our lives but we work to keep our best friend in a place of significance.

My mother said on numerous occasions, “Men will come and go but you’ll always have your friends,” which doesn’t sound like her at all. But there are some women that my mother has been friends with for all of her very long life.

My first best friend was a girl named Donna who lived a couple houses down from me. Donna had the best snacks which she seemed to be completely indifferent to. We never had any kind of snack in our house except for carrots, so I loved going to Donna’s house.

She also had a nice sister, plenty of games, and the Sears catalog to look through and determine what you’d buy if money was no object. After Donna, there were other best friends, and even now as a grown-up, I still have a best friend.

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In many ways, I’m closest to my best friend than I am to my partner. She’s known me longer than he has, she knows all my darkest secrets, and she’s seen me at my worst. I know that I can count on her always and I hope that she feels the same about me.

Friends help you survive, and besides that, if you’re lucky, just being around them makes you feel like your true self and as if the world is full of wonderful possibilities and delights. And when it comes to getting along, zodiac compatibility goes a long way in your friendship.

Here are the astrological pairs that make the best zodiac friends.

ARIES and Sagittarius
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You two love to have adventures together and travel. Aries knows that Sagittarius is up for anything and they love that about them. Both signs can be blunt, which can lead to hurt feelings but each tends not to hang on to negative feelings for too long and get back to loving each other quickly. Both of you are on the same wavelength with your exuberance, energy, and enthusiasm and it's nice to spend time with someone who really understands you on a cellular level.


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TAURUS and Pisces
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The Taurus individual has very strong opinions and will insist on having things their way, and that's fine with Pisces. They are flexible enough to accommodate Taurus. Pisces helps Taurus to loosen up and get in touch with their creative side. Taurus is strong and will look out for Pisces which makes Pisces feel more secure knowing that someone has their back. Both of these signs prize loyalty, and being able to trust their friends is very important to them. 


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GEMINI and Libra
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These two are the party people of the zodiac. They like to socialize but they also love to have deep conversations where they tell each other everything. They both prefer people who are easy going and not overly confrontational. They want to do things that are fun and they're able to make almost anything entertaining and lively. Geminis like sharing stories and any interesting anecdotes they have, and Libras enjoying hearing them. 


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CANCER and Capricorn
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Cancers are very in touch with their emotions and they need a friend that will be there for them, and that's Capricorn. Capricorns are very supportive, dependable, and trusting friends. They're not overly emotional, so they're a good balance for the Cancer friend. Both signs have well-developed senses of humor and both care deeply about people. They don't need flash to be happy as both tend to be more comfortable one on one than in a big group. Cancer and Capricorn know the value of a true friend and will do the work necessary to keep the friendship going.


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LEO and Scorpio
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When these two hit the town, watch out for sparks as they are a dynamic pair. Leos have a large personality and love to be the focus of attention, so they need a friend who can handle them and hold their own. Scorpios also have big personalities and can be just as dazzling, passionate, and spectacular as Leo. Leo wants to gain power and respect and that's something that Scorpios can appreciate. Now, although they have a powerful bond, that doesn't mean they won't get into fights. But luckily, they have a strong enough foundation that their friendship only gets stronger with every challenge.


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VIRGO and Gemini
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Virgos are known for their gift: their amusing and sometimes eccentric conversational skills. And no one appreciates that talent better than Gemini. Virgos are smart and they can go toe to toe with anyone about almost everything; Gemini is also gifted intellectually. Gemini can help Virgo to loosen up and get out of their comfort zone, something that Virgo desperately needs, and Virgo can help Gemini be a little more thoughtful of others and not be as flaky. The similarities and differences between these two signs make for a strong, yet fun friendship.


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LIBRA and Libra
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The truth is that Libras think they're pretty special so why wouldn't they want to hang out with someone just as awesome as they are? Libras understand each other and while they know they have flaws and failings, they're able to look at them in a kind light as if there's something rather charming about having difficulty making decisions or hating confrontation. However, a Libra will stand up for what they think is right and they'll support their friends forever. 


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SCORPIO and Aries
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Scorpios don't like to sit at home and do nothing, they like to be out doing things and that goes well with the Aries mindset. When they commit to things — anything, whether it be training for a marathon or a social cause — they commit to it a hundred percent. Both signs like to be active and say what they're feeling. Aries are straightforward, a quality that goes a long way with Scorpio as a Scorpio would rather be hurt than lied to. Scorpios may overthink and Aries may not think enough but as friends, these two work together well.


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Both Sagittarius and Leo are people persons. They love meeting new people and experiencing new things and together they have a blast. They travel, work the party circuit, and shop really well together. They both like to stand out in a crowd and make people sit up and take notice. They're a dazzling pair. Both are upbeat, fun-loving, and optimistic. When these two are together, their enthusiasm is contagious.


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CAPRICORN and Taurus
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Capricorn and Taurus really get one another. They share similar values and things like financial security, family, and home are important to both. They both can surprise you as people tend to judge them at face value, but it isn't until you get to know them that you realize how funny and thoughtful they both are. Trust is extremely important to both Capricorn and Taurus, and once they're friends, they will never betray or intentionally hurt the other one.


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AQUARIUS and Gemini
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These two go together like granola and almond milk. They both love to try new things, they both love to create and explore, and they both hate to be tied down to the old-fashioned rules of society. They're free thinkers and can't stand to be confined. They're independent but love people and are true friends. When Aquarius and Gemini are friends, they seem to give one another the permission to soar and to be their true selves.


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PISCES and Libra
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Pisces absolutely hate to feel judged and that's something that Libra won't do. Pisces and Libras share an artistic spirit and both are very creative signs. Together, they not only have fun, they create and communicate. A Libra won't take advantage of a Pisces but they will encourage a Pisces deal with things that they might prefer to ignore. Pisces and Libras make each other better people and their friendship is a very positive and loving one.


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