The adorable couple.
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Woman Races To Get Donor For Fiancé With 60 Days To Live

When faced with incredible odds, some people buckle. But not England's Kate Robertson. She rose to the challenge when her fiancé, Mike Brandon, was diagnosed with leukemia and given two months to live. Without a bone marrow donor, Mike would have succumbed to his illness. But there is hope on the horizon, and it's all thanks to Kate.

Amy's flash mob.
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Love-Flash Mob For Cancer Patient Will Heal Your Heart

Amy was first diagnosed with stage 3C metastatic ovarian cancer in October of 2012. Since then, she has battled the disease with surgery and chemotherapy. But her family's worst fears were proved true when her cancer returned, now resistant to traditional therapies. Amy's days on this earth are numbered, but in the time she has left, her friends and family wanted to show her how much love they have for her.

Two of Gerdi's very special friends.
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Friends' Sacrifices For Cancer Patient Will Bring Tears

Okay guys, prepare yourselves, because this video had us crying at our desks like a bunch of lunatics. When Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer, her friends banded together to shower her with love. They each made a sacrifice that was at once incredible and nothing at all in the face of what Gerdi is going through. Watch for yourself, and see why we've gone through all the tissues in the office.

The Little Couple
"Season six is our best yet," Bill Klein says.
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'The Little Couple' Talks About 'Painful' Moments On The Show

Season 6 premiere of 'The Little Couple' is set to air tonight, and husband Bill Klein says it's going to be the best one yet. This season introduces a host of new problems for the pair, who recently adopted a baby girl, and, in the process, learned of wife Jen Arnold's cancer diagnosis.

preventive mastectomy
Preventive mastectomies have increased by about 50% in recent years.

Was Angelina Jolie's Preventive Double Mastectomy Too Drastic?

To gain insight into Angelina Jolie's brave yet extreme choice to get a preventive mastectomy, we sat down with YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett — a clinical psychologist, an author and a breast cancer patient who opened up about the physical, emotional and sexual effects of cancer and mastectomies.