5 Weird Things Men Really Want In A Woman, According To Science

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What Men Want In A Woman — When They First See Them

Who knew!?

What do men want? It's a mystery and will most likely remain a mystery. But that hasn't stopped science from trying to discover the answer.

On the one hand, every man has a preference. What is visually and sexually appealing to one man may have the same attractive quality to another.

However, there is one thing that is common for many men: first impressions attract them to certain women. And there are women who display these first impressions with little to no effort, while some have to work a little harder.

Here are 5 things about women that attract men instantly:

1. Wearing very specific kinds of makeup


Some men claim that they prefer women without makeup because they look natural. But according to a survey conducted by the online dating Zoosk, out of 1,200 women who wore eye makeup in their profile photo, 139 were more likely to receive messages from men. Men were also more likely to want to meet a woman if she's wearing lipstick in her profile photo.

However, women who tend to wear "darker" types of makeup were less likely to get asked out. So, even if men say they prefer women who looked "natural," that means you can wear "natural"-looking makeup and still attract men. Also, men, it's OK to admit that your girl looks good with the winged eyeliner and red lipstick. 

2. The right waist-to-hip ratio

This preference has less to do with attractiveness and more on health and fertility. 

"Evidence also shows that waist-to-hip ratio is a strong indicator of a woman’s estrogen levels, risk of obesity, and susceptibility to major disease such as diabetes, ovarian cancer, and heart disease," says the article.

3. Wearing the color red


Red is the color of passion. So, it's no wonder that men are so attracted to it. In a study by psychologists from the University of Rochester, men were shown photos of different women in framed borders of either red or white and were asked how pretty they found the women.

Then they were shown the same photo with the women wearing either red or blue and asked how much money they would spend on a date with that woman. The women framed in red or wearing red were more likely to be found sexy and attractive, and the men more likely wanted to spend money on a date.

4. A nice attitude 

A nice attitude always goes a long way. In a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a woman's responsiveness to men's needs and wants increased their attractiveness to men. 

5. A higher-pitched voice


Studies have shown that women tend to find deeper-voiced men attractive. It's the opposite for men. This preference has to do with the size of a person who owned the voice.

"So when a woman hears a man with a deep voice, she associates it with a larger stature," says the study. "Conversely, when men hear a woman with a high-pitched voice they associate it with a petite body frame."

What do you think, ladies? Do you meet any of these qualities?