12 Sex Positions That Could Leave You Needing A Doctor (OUCH!)

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Twister sex

Are you brave enough?

Without a doubt it’s safe to assume that most people enjoy sex. We don’t however enjoy injuries — more specific: sex-related injuries.

But sometimes, things can go a little wrong.

Sex injuries are so common, TLC created a show Sex Sent Me To The Er, where couples share their absolutely horrifying stories.

OK, OK, most (if not all) stories on the show may have you wondering what the f*ck is wrong with some of these people — but the need for pleasure has us all doing crazy sh*t!

That said, we searched the Internet for some of the most dangerous sex positions out there. Sure, they may feel good but the potential for pain (the bad kind) is pretty darn high.

So, use at your own risk:

Butter Churner
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She’s supporting all of your weight, her neck is all bent. Not to mention her knees hitting her lips — watch out or she’ll be needing a dentist too!

The Pogo Stick
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This position takes (a lot) work from both partners. One wrong move and you could be visiting your chiropractor in no time for a back realignment. But if you think you have what it takes by all means go give it a try!

Standing 69
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It’s no secret we love 69 — but we never really thought about doing it standing up. (Most of us don’t date body-builders who can support our entire body weight!) If you’re not careful with this sex position you could end up with a couple head stitches and possibly a broken neck/back.

Swiss Ball Blitz
Photo: Men's Health

You’re balancing on a yoga ball for goodness’ sake! Is it even possible to enjoy this while trying not to fall off? Sitting by yourself on one of these is a workout. Now factor in sex??!?

London Bridge
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If you’re not dating a male gymnast, this sex position may not even be possible. But let’s say your guy can do a wicked backbend: How long before his arms give out and your come crashing down on top of him? Pass!

Photo: Women's Health

Oftentimes you will also see this position demonstrated with the make holding the female's legs. Three words: DON’T LET GO!

The propeller
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Last time I checked I didn’t think a penis could bend this way? This looks seriously painful for the man. Anyone care to explain?

The Balancing Act
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Unless you’re an acrobat no position should be named The Balancing Act. Now a sex position named this sounds dangerous and probably not something you’d want to be trying out. Once again, balancing on someone’s penis doesn’t sound delightful.

Stair Sex
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Sounds harmless, until you end up with bruises in places you never imagined! And falling down a couple flights of stairs doesn't sound too fun either ... 

The Peg
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We honestly don’t even know what is happening here. All we’re imagining is the man’s knees smacking the woman in the face. Perhaps another dentist visit?

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We like our sex to be rough sometimes, but we don’t need to feel like we’re actually at war with our partner.

The Challenge
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Oh this is a challenge alright. … Pre-reqs for this position include: a sturdy chair, a lot of flexibility and a great deal of strength. Failure to do so could result in some serious facial injuries. We’re thinking a broken nose and a busted lip when his gyrating hips send her face forward to the floor.