11 Things To Know About Loving A Woman Who LOVES Horses

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horse girls

So you have fallen in love with a girl who loves horses.

Congratulations! (God, how I wish the internet were like my iPhone and every time that I typed 'congratulations' digital confetti went everywhere, but alas.)

Falling in love with a horse girl is a wise choice. Horse girls are funny, witty, passionate, smart, and deeply committed to nature and the outdoors. 

But you knew all that already, I bet.

What you didn't know is the particular list of things to keep in mind when you love a horse girl. How you treat her (and her horses) could make or break your relationship.

So saddle up and get ready for 11 things to know about loving a horse girl! 

1. Our Facebook has more horse photos than photos of us.

They don't call us "crazy horse ladies" for no reason. When you love horses, you REALLY love horses. So, just like the girl obsessed with shoes is gonna have plenty of photos of her favorite pair of pumps on Facebook, we are going to have lots of photos of our horses.

If you can't handle our constant posting of horse photos, memes, emojis, and jokes, then you might want to think twice before signing up for this ride (and yes that was a deliberate play on words, hate the game, not the player.) 

2. We're used to being judged. 

When I was in high school, my passion for horses was so well known that people would bring me carrots and bottles of Mane 'n Tail shampoo.

Our love of horses doesn't make us oblivious to the judgments of other people. 

When you're a horse girl, you learn to embrace the things you really love without caring what other people think.

If that ain't a trait you want in a girl, you need to seriously rethink your priorities. 

3. It's not ALL we're interested in...

Yes, being passionate about horses takes up a lot of time. However, it's not the ONLY thing that we love. 

We can race through mucking stables to make it to the school dance on time. We can love going to the movies even when there isn't even ONE horse in said movie.

We love our horses, but there's more to us than our love for them.

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4. ...But it is our passion. 

While we might have other things that we like to do, horses ARE our passion.

You know how during the World Series you can't shut up about the Yankees? 

When you're a horse girl, your horses are the Yankees and every day is the World Series.

Because we care about them, we're going to talk about them. You don't have to love them as much as we do, but you have to love us, and that means listening to us talk about them. 

5. If we can't get a real horse, a hobby horse will do in a pinch.

This is not a drill. The hobby horses championships are real and they are awesome as hell. Doubt me? Observe:

6. If you're jealous, it will never work.

Taking care of horses is serious business. It takes a lot of time. 

When we tell you, "I can't, I have to take care of the horses," we aren't trying to get out of time with you: we genuinely have to look after the horses.

If you resent our horses for the amount of time we spend with them, it ain't gonna work. 

7. Love us, love our horses

We can tell the difference between a man who likes horses and a man who is just pretending.

We don't expect you to be as horse crazy as we are, but we do expect you recognize that horses are awesome. 

Loving us means understanding why we love our horses. We won't expect you to go on every single ride with us, but our relationship will really flourish if you can share our love of horses with us to the best of your ability. 

8. A horse-related gift is never the wrong way to go. 

There's never any excuse not to get a present because we are SO easy to shop for. 

Horse magnet? Perfect. Horse necklace? A+. CD that plays sounds of horses sleeping? Delightfully strange! 

If it's got a horse on it, we'll love it, promise. 

9. We spend most of our money on our horses. 

You know how some women spend a fortune on clothes?

Yeah, we definitely do that...but with horses. It's important that our horses have the best, not just to look good, but for safety reasons too! 

If you get frustrated that we don't have the savings to go on that trip to Hawaii, try and remember that we're spending money on what we love. 

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10. Horse girls are strong, patient, and responsible. 

Horse girls are often misunderstood. We aren't crazy weirdos or rich bitches. 

We're strong (have you tried lifting a 50 pound of feed?), we're patient (horses have personalities just like people and some are stubborn as hell), and we're responsible. Taking care of horses, you have to be!

These are skills and traits that we can't wait to bring into the other areas of our lives. That's just one more reason you're damn lucky if you find yourself dating a horse girl.

11. We've heard all the jokes

Guess what? If there's a joke about horse girls, we've probably already heard it. 

So if you want to make us laugh, how about surprising us by being interested in our passion?

We might reward you with our own version of cowgirl in the sack. And once you go cowgirl, you never go back!