What Your Birth Order Says About Your Love Life

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Birth Order Affects Your Love Life

Falling in love isn't in the stars — it's in your birthday.

When it comes to romantic relationships, we all have distinctive traits that we're immediately drawn to. Whether it's the overly-confident bad boy or the secretly romantic nerd, it's hard to pinpoint what makes these personality traits so dang attractive. 

 But according to Women's Day, our personalities — as well as who we fall in love with — have a lot to do with our birth order and the role you play in your family dynamic hints at the type of relationship you'll have in the future.

William Cane, author of The Birth Order Book of Love, mentions that "Your personality is directly related to how you interact with other people."

This makes sense as the first people you connect with in life on an emotional level are your siblings and parents. 

Women's Day splits this birth order phenomenon into a few broad sections (firstborns, middles, lastborns and only children) before breaking the romantic pairings down even furtherTo see how you fair off, take a look below:

If You Are A Firstborn...

You're a natural-born leader and can take control of any situation. Firstborns are stereotypically seen as being more reliable, ambitious and diligent than their younger siblings, and rightfully so. This means that you are very confident in your relationship and are a pro when it comes to planning dates.

If You Are A Middle Child...

You're not afraid of going with the flow but sometimes have a stubborn streak (especially when it comes to keeping secrets). Match.com stresses that middle children make the perfect partners because they're so easy-going, which can be attributed to dealing with their older and younger siblings.

If You Are The Lastborn...

You love being the center of attention and are a bit of a rebel at times. As the baby in your family, you're used to getting your way, which means you can be a little stubborn when you're in a relationship. Lastborns are more spontaneous, but less likely to be in control.

If You're An Only Child...

Not only are you responsible, you're also super-reliable. You're very mature and take dating very seriously.