To The Republican Who Says Teachers Only Need More Pay To 'Buy Boats': SCREW YOU

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What fantasy world does this guy live in?

If ever I had to pinpoint one thing in particular that enraged me, it would easily be someone making unsolicited assumptions about my financial circumstances or volunteering my finances for something without taking my circumstances into account.

Surprisingly, this is more people than you'd imagine — overstepping their boundaries and telling you how to allocate your time and money.

But realistically speaking, the people who speak out of turn are also typically delusional, entitled, and thus out of touch with the rest of us nine to five types. No, really.

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That said, I'm glad I'm not a teacher today, because I'd probably be ten times pissier and ready to wreak havoc on the uppity Republican Arizona state representative who decided to be the voice of reason for teachers and in general all the citizens who are just overjoyed to work two jobs because: "They want to increase their lifestyle." 

Arizona House Majority Leader John Allen's whole comment read

“They’re making it out as if anybody who has a second job is struggling. That’s not why many people take a second job. They want to increase their lifestyles. They want to improve themselves. They want to pay for a boat. They want a bigger house. They work hard to provide themselves with a better lifestyle. Not everyone who takes a second job does it because they’re borderline poverty.”

These comments come after a vote to allow more people without formal education to teach at K-12 schools, through SB 1042 — which was passed by the House and is awaiting the signature of Arizona Governor Doug Doucey

And, my response: B*tch, where? Where do you know teachers that work seconds jobs to "pay for a boat?"

No sir, I'm afraid you've gotten this entirely wrong, so I'll need you to try again.

I'm sure it must be difficult living in a near-perfect bubble, but try to hear me when I say not too many people are that pressed to live outside of their means by purchasing boats and larger homes that can only be afforded by a second job.

Most people at the end of their work day are just scrambling to make it home to their significant other and kids, or to the local bar to unwind.

Teachers, of all people, are not looking to "increase their lifestyles." They're looking to make a living, helping your kids.

Is it a rewarding job? Probably. But for all that teachers give, it's not even halfway reciprocated. For many years, even before I was old enough to have teacher-friends to vent about it, teachers have been vocal about the lack of resources for their classrooms and how their pay doesn't reflect all that they do.

Most teachers are even forced to purchase classroom supplies out of pocket, which further takes from their meager pay.

Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association, kindly reminds Mr. Allen how far off base he is in a comment to the Arizona Capital Times.

“I know teachers that have refinanced their mortgage. I know teachers who have lost their homes in the last ten years. I know teachers that are sadly telling their own children not to become teachers. But I don’t know any teachers that own boats.” 

Allegedly, Allen later reneged explaining that "his original comments weren’t meant to imply that teachers should get second jobs, just that if they do, it shows they’re hard workers."

He further backpedaled when a reporter pushed specifically on the topic of teachers buying boats, pointing out that the average starting income of teachers is $30,000; then Allen decided to do away with all the crazy-talk about teacher and boats, at which point he thought it was appropriate for him to then imply teachers shouldn't have become teachers if the money was going to be an issue.

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Now suggesting that they ought to get second jobs to "make ends meet."

On behalf of all teachers, I'd like to say: John Allen, F*CK OFF!

How dare you compare your life with someone forced to work two jobs? By the comments coming out of your mouth, I'd hardly call a "part-time citizen legislature" with your flexible schedule similar in any way at all to someone working two jobs to make ends meet! To say otherwise is an insult. 

To imply that teachers should've gone into another field is insensitive and frankly, none of your damn business.

I'd rather have teachers truly passionate about teaching our children than drones forced to do the job to make a couple bucks (literally).

That said, these are the people molding the brains of the future and not only do they deserve better pay, they deserve to be heard without being given ignorant and unreasonable solutions.