It Sure Feels Like We're ALL Being Gaslighted By Donald Trump

donald trump twitter gaslighting


Twitter has become my morning newspaper. I open my account and can't help but search for what @RealDonaldTrump will have posted on his wall.

Truthfully, I do so with much fear. It always feels as though I go to sleep thinking things could be worse, only to wake up to a new drama unfolding right on the Twittersphere.

When The Donald first decided to run for office, I was a huge fan. But little by little my faith turned to despair as he posted rant after rant on Twitter.

How in the world would someone who created so much division with one tweet be able to pull our nation together?

I had to raise my guards up and hope for the best, and now that he's our president, I wish he would stop with the emotional abuse. From name calling to insulting countries, as a lifelong Republican, I was hard pressed to give him my full support—let alone remain with a party that supported political abuse and gaslighting.

The term "gaslighting" began after a 1944 mystery-thriller film, Gaslight, when a husband emotionally abuses his wife and convinces her that she's insane. She trusts him, and she even loves him, but he has a hidden agenda that her presence gets in the way of fulfilling.

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Our political landscape has elements of this film's themes. Each time President Trump tells his followers that fake news is all around us and that he is the only person you can trust, it's tough to not feel a bit insane.

Not only have Trump and his officials dismissed questions and created less transparency and more confusion, but it's hard to feel secure when worries aren't addressed with solid answers— these are all signs of classic gaslighting

Then, when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey after Comey had requested for more resources for the Russian probe and Sean Spicer literally hid in bushes to avoid speaking with the media, crazy went to a whole new level. As if things couldn't get any crazier, why not throw in a little Russian trolling from the White House on Twitter in the mix. 

I took to Twitter to see what Donald would tweet next and if there might be signs that Donald could be gaslighting us.

Here are 5 times it sure did feel like we were being gaslighted by the president:

1. The whole building a wall topic has sure felt like one giant, gaslighting nightmare:


First, we're told Mexico will build it. Mexico former president says they won't, and it's current president also doesn't agree. Then, the next thing we hear from the media is that Trump asked Congress to pay to build the wall. Next thing you know, there's a tweet from Trump that says, we will pay for it now, but the transcripts say he thinks Mexico might reimburse the U.S. Talk about crazy-making at it's finest! He lied about his goal, got caught, and kept changing his story to look innocent. This is typical gaslighting. 

2. On saving taxpayer money, we have tried to do the math, but it just doesn't add up:

It's true that most business persons will say in order to make money, you have to spend money, but to save money, do you have to spend money, too? Maybe, if you're Trump. Apparently, the new spending bill Trump signed on Friday that includes reimbursement for law enforcement. When he went to Bedminster where he owns a private residence, the mayor of Bedminster stated that it was to the tune of $4,000 for police overtime. According to the Boston Globe, it already costs $146,000 a day to protect Melania and Baron, and when Trump is there, that number doubles.  But his NJ home is definitely less than the $60,000 a day it costs taxpayers when the president shows up to Palm Beach County for his many, many golf trips. 

Obama spent $12 million a year in travel and since February, Trump's travel is estimated to have already totaled over $10 million, according to Budget Watchdogs. 

Trump may outspend Obama. He still could cut back, or the amount that is spent for personal travel could be reimbursed. The problem is, taxpayers and American's don't really know what's happening with tax dollars, and it's not very transparent. Kind of like his tax records, which he claims now he 'might' release but only after he leaves office

Yes, I think that a request for your tax returns will be a sore spot for some time. Sorry, Donald. We just didn't think that it was too much to ask, and right now, the confusing behavior you exhibit while condemning other people for questioning it sure does feel a lot like gaslighting.

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3. When it comes to preserving the environment, it makes more sense to do things that don't harm it. Yet, there seems to be a disagreement here, that feels a lot like gaslighting.

For years we've been moving towards clean air, cleaner water, and improving our environment. Coal mining does not help our environment, coal harms our air. So, it's confusing as to how can Trump claim that coal is clean?

Sure, this may create a few jobs for miners, and potentially reducing costs to energy for consumers, but the owners of those coal mines and energy plants will be making huge profits, at the expense of our environment and health.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration emissions from burning coal causes acid rain, smog, greenhouse effects, heavy metal, ash, and health problems in people who work in mines and who live near them.

So you've got an agenda, and clean energy is getting in the way of it, so you're trying hard to make everyone think what you're trying to do isn't as damaging as it is. Again, classic gaslighting.

4. Trump's approval ratings:

According to Gallup Daily, Trump's approval ratings have not reached higher than 49 percent, and sadly, and even though your approval ratings hit 50 percent on this particular day, it's still less than what it should be to improve morale in our nation.

But Trump obsesses over what other people think of him and frequently lies about crowd sizes and approval ratings that make us question if we're wrong; which feels like classic emotional manipulation.

5. Claiming that all media that write news that doesn't favor your opinions as "fake media" is isolating:

Not a day goes by that I don't feel pangs when I see how much it bothers Donald Trump to be at war with media on a daily basis. But at the same time, there seems to be a problem with defining who is the "fake media" and who is the "real media." 

It feels like this is an unfair and untrue statement, especially since the supposed "failing" New York Times wrote an article listing every single Executive Order, accomplishment, and details of what Trump has yet to fulfill in their article, The Making of a Legacy: First Steps in the Trump Era. The article runs through every area of government. Fox News also wrote an article that listed all Trump's achievements, but they also included Trump's insults to media in their coverage of news, which quite frankly, isn't really all that optimistic either.

Cutting people off from others that could help them or making them fight against one another to keep them off of your trail is another obvious gaslighting tactic — one that Trump has been using successfully thus far into his presidency. 

At the end of it all, it feels more and more like we have become part of a family that can't get along, and it's a holiday where we all must interact and live together, despite our deep grievances. Although I don't believe Trump maliciously tries to create this level of turmoil in everyone around him, it's obvious that his behavior isn't stable and has evidence of gaslighting and emotional abuse.

I believe that as soon as someone takes his Twitter account away from him, it would lead to less confusion and would allow people to start relying on a less manipulative source of news. Overall, it would be healthier and safer for our country, which is something that everyone should try to work toward anyway!