We Are Never Taking Off This Pair Of Unicorn PENIS Leggings

Photo: redbubble
unicorn penis leggings


Well, it seems that the unicorn trend is here to stay. After Starbucks put out their Unicorn Frap, it seems that everyone is jumping on this mystical bandwagon.

Based out of Austin, Texas, artist and sculptor Sarah Morningstar just unleashed this Spring’s greatest new trend: unicorn penis leggings.

She got the inspiration from one of her paintings and decided to turn the idea into a pair of pants. "Peen-i-corn" leggings are taking over the internet with their bright turquoise color and their print which features a lovely pink, majestic penis. Oh, don’t worry, there are rainbows and a unicorn horn, too.

They certainly make a fashion statement, but I’m not exactly sure where you can wear them. For $49 a pair on RedBubble.com, it seems like a hefty fee for leggings you can wear literally nowhere. I suppose you could wear them to the gym, maybe the strip club, at bachelorette parties, or to bed. Maybe they would fly in yoga class, too?

Photo: RedBubble

Now that I’m thinking about it further, maybe these unicorn penis leggings might be a good investment. They certainly will get people talking and be a great conversation starter. Hey, maybe you can wear them to your next networking event!

Morningstar describes the design as "Lisa Frank on crack" and wanted to turn her childhood wallpaper into a more adult version. She also explains, "With everything heavy that's happening right now, the human spirit needs a break, a chance to remind us of what's so awesome about life. So unicorn everything? Hell yeah, bring it on. And that includes how magical a good peen can be."

Photo: RedBubble

I guess unicorn penis leggings are one way to lighten the mood given the current political situation. Maybe she should send a pair to the White House and see if Trump would give them a try?

The response to the leggings have been overwhelming and Morningstar says that she’s very happy with what people are saying. She’s currently working on a mermaid penis print, which will be sure to end up on a piece of clothing too!