Mark Zuckerberg Just Announced That We're All Gonna Look VERY Different On Facebook VERY Soon

Photo: F8
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook AR Augmented Reality


Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage today at the tenth anniversary of Facebook's F8 developer's conference and he unloaded what could be the next platform to bring us closer to living in virtual reality.

Even though I'm still patiently waiting on my sky home that I've wanted since I first watched The Jetsons, his announcement was pretty cool.

As you may have noticed, Facebook has released a camera icon for both their desktop and mobile apps. We (meaning me) just thought the Zuck was trying to make using Facebook Live more accessible and user-friendly.

However ...

The team has been working hard behind the scenes to give us users a more virtual reality type platform.

Reality is so 2016, am I right?

With the augmented reality camera that will roll out today in beta for developers, we will be able to delete our Snapchat app and solely use Facebook because OMG! 

Forget crown hats and filters, we will be able to do so much more!

Here's what was announced at F8:

1. Your worlds are about to collide with a new app that incorporates real life with virtual life.

Have a big event with people all over the country (or world) and can't get everyone together? Well, now you'll be able to have a virtual party.

Using Oculus Rift glasses (a virtual reality system that completely immerses you inside virtual worlds), Facebook will allow you to share spaces, create virtual objects, and move from friend to friend within seconds.


2. Turn your home into Hogwarts!


Mark Zuckerberg explained that with virtual reality, you make turn your home in Harry Potter's Hogwarts! (Hufflepuff 4 lyfe!) 

As the technology advances and developers and brands jump on board, I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more options to choose from.

Does anyone want to join me on a trip to King's Landing? Or Maybe The Wall so I can hang on out with Jon Snow (How YOU doin?)

3. Layering digital worlds onto the real world.


All those times you posted pictures of your cereal with a bland old sentence on top of it explaining what it is. 


Now you can make 3D words on your still photos.

Better yet? You can add different motions to it. The example Mr. Zuckerberg used was having sharks swim around your cereal bowl.

What a time to be alive!



Who else is sick of Words with Friends? I know I am!

Now with the virtual reality concept that Zuckerberg and crew are implementing, you can play ACTUAL games like chess or war games (YOU SUCK MY BATTLESHIP!) 

A flat surface, like a table, can be used while the virtual reality game is overlayed on top.

Have you ever worn those virtual reality glasses? They take a bit to get used to but once you do, you will be hooked.

The torture that is Monopoly just increased by a bazillion. 

5. New Facebook Messenger features!


"Chat extensions" are apps within Messenger that will allow you to do a whole hell of a lot more than you can now.

Not only are there going to be bots for different brands like The Food Network, NBA and Spotify, but there will be more gaming options for you to play within the app itself.

So, yeah, I may have bashed Words with Friends before BUT now you can play within the app so you don't have to have ten apps open that freeze your phone.

6. Communities are next! 

He also referenced You will be able to hang out with your friends in a social augmented reality world. Yes, really! Coming soon (no date announced yet), a sim version of you will be able to meet up with your Facebook friends and hang out. INSANE! Forget filters, you'll now be able to be avatar version of yourself. Do you think we'll ever have to leave the house again? 

All this Facebook goodness will be rolling out to developers in beta today, but us users won't see it for a bit as they work out the bugs and make sure our user experience is the BEST!