Pervy Spies Are Putting Secret Cameras In Toilet Stalls — Here's How To Spot One

Photo: WeHeartIt
hidden camera bathroom


So, check this out. 

If you're in a public bathroom and notice a coat hook like the one picture below, we've got some bad new for you. 


Some dude is totally trying to look at your front bottom through a hidden camera, and I'm so, so sorry that's happening.

I hate being the bearer of bad front-bottom news. The vagina should be a place of happiness, not bummers. 

Police in Florida are requesting that folks be on the lookout for the hidden cameras since they've already found several.

They are cheap and easy to buy on Amazon (I'm not going to link them for very obvious reasons) so it's not surprising that some asshole decided installing them in women's restrooms would be a great way of getting their rocks off. 


Another day, another reason to feel shitty about being a woman. 

I totally get that we live in an age where surveillance could be viewed as sometimes necessary (though never vaginal surveillance, seriously why does a vagina need to be constantly observed except for perv purposes?). 

We have kids we aren't always home to watch, new babysitters we might want to keep an eye on, and men to catch in the act of cheating (I kid, I kid ... OR DO I?).

But the truth of the matter is that this increased need to watch every little thing that happens when we aren't around is a breeding ground for exactly this kind of shit. 

It is a DAMN slippery slope, you guys. 

I don't want to sound like an old fart (even if Andy Rooney is my spirit animal), but we existed as a society for thousands of years without cameras being installed everywhere just to make sure everyone was on the up and up. 

Having a hidden camera on the wall isn't going to stop people from being perverts. 

If a man was going to pleasure himself in a back alley with a kosher dill pickle, he was going to do that with or without the cameras (depending on his fetish). 

Because this type of monitoring is so commonplace now it was only a matter of time until the perverts of the world hopped onto to Amazon and bought devices that would make vagina peeping at strangers easier for them. 

That doesn't make it okay, it's still terrible, but I mean, there are lots of negative ramifications when a person goes full 1984. Perverts thinking they can monitor women's bowels movements in public without any consequences to speak of, that's just one of them.