If Things Seems CRAZY Good In Your Relationship, You Could Be Getting "Breezed"

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They could be moving on ... and you not even know it.

Playing games grows boring, infuriating, and generally tiresome, but I've come to terms with the fact that playing along with them is all part of this dating game

Hate it or love it, you will always fall victim to the cat and mouse thing that we've come to call dating as Millennials

I can't recall how many times I've pretended to play it cool while a guy was really dating pulled a bunch of bullsh*t just so I wouldn't seem like the (rightfully) crazy b*tch that I should've been. 

And, for me, this usually resulted in me bottling my feelings up and eventually letting the "crazy" loose with a couple hundred lengthy paragraphs.  

But there's a new dating practice called "breezing" that might change the game forever.

How does it work, you ask? Well, breezing is as simple as it gets. So simple that you might find yourself overcomplicating it. 

Breezing is everything but playing hard to get and coy — breezing is doing everything in your power to prove you don't care essentially — a game I usually reserve for after I've been dumped.

According to The Tab, breezing requires all those things and then some: respond to text right away, like any and every picture that he posts, stop pretending you've moved on sooner than you have, and laugh at their sh*t.

Apparently and sort of obviously, guys can tell when you go out of your way to pretend it's all good, you know in a passive-aggressive way. So, the better look is to actually be carefree and move in your life. 

Stop getting pissed when they post pictures without responding to your text and like it. He'll probably flip his shit wondering what's going on.

But, then we all have to know that this is still one of the many bullsh*t games we play to get a potential partner where we want them, and although it's a little less mentally draining than other practices — it is still draining.  

Of late, there have been just one too many practices (ghosting and breadcrumbing, ring a bell?).

In reality, it's just time for us to all be adults and communicate what we truly feel. 

So, if you can forfeit the games altogether and just stop giving a f*ck about your next move — or theirs — once they've shown you they're not interested  — THAT is the real victory.