7 Things We All Believe About Periods That Are TOTALLY Wrong

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disapproving woman

We've got the bloody truth.

Since before we ever even got our period, we've heard all types of craziness about what "womanhood" would be like.

Some of it was straight fact, like acknowledging the premenstrual cramps that feel like a small person is slowly trying to claw your uterus out with a rake and generally everything that sucks about having to spend so much of our lives bleeding. Yeah, that stuff all real (from a totally unbiased source or can't you tell?).

And, yes, I'm saying that bleeding every 20-something days for a span of 3 to 7 days is all ass, so please miss me with the cliché crap about how it is a uniquely wonderful and overall beautiful experience. If that's what it makes me, then I opt out of being all of those things damn it. 

But, trust me when I say your monthly being a beautiful journey isn't the first myth we've heard about our flow, and it probably won't be the last.

Still, we wanted to debunk 7 of the more serious myths and misconceptions that many of us have had about our period at one time or another. 

1. MYTH: You can't get pregnant on your period.

While the odds of pregnancy while on your period are significantly less, it's still possible. According to SELF, you're able to get preggers as soon as fives days prior to ovulation or even one day after.

2. MYTH: If you miss your period,  you're pregnant.

Not getting your period on time or at all doesn't necessarily mean you're expecting, so don't freak quite yet. First, visit your doctor to see what else it could be if the problem persists. 

3. MYTH: Women who spend time a lot of time together have "synced" menstrual cycles.

New research found that you and your BFF or co-workers don't actually starting cycling up together the more time you bond with one another. Yes, I know, this is by far the most mind-blowing and disappointing myth to be debunked yet.

I spent so much of my time bonding over the blood bond I shared with so many friends as we believed our cycles had synced. And, now this — now I find out my whole life has been a lie. 

4. MYTH: Your period stops in water.

Yeah, so we had to get hung up on the technical side of things here but really and truly your period does not stop. It, however, stops flowing outside of the vagina due to the water's "counter pressure," according to Seventeen

5. MYTH: Sharks will attack, so stay away from the ocean.

It seems logical: Blood attracts sharks. I am bloody, therefore I am shark bait. But, apparently, that's just not the case because even the shit about sharks being drawn in by blood is complete bull. 

6. MYTH: The worse your menstrual cramps, the more painful labor will be for you.

There has been no definitive proof saying that your cramps pre-pregnancy will determine the type of labor you will have. So, we can all rest easy until told otherwise. 

7. MYTH: Virgins can't use tampons.

As uncomfortable as tampons can be, it's not or never was because you were virginal. While it's true that they can break or tear the hymen, they're in no way JUST a luxury afforded to women who have already taken that next step in womanhood nor will they change the fact that you're a virgin — not even half your virginity will be gone (unlike Regina George).

How devastating would that be for women waiting until marriage, anyway?