Women With Dogs Have Happier Babies, Says Science

Photo: Unsplash 
Pregnant Women With Dogs Have Happier Babies, Says Science

As if you didn't already have enough reasons to get a dog.

Having trouble convincing your partner to get a dog? Reference this new study during your next puppy argument and you may find yourself bringing home a furry friend that same day,

According to research coming from the University of Alberta and summarized by Science of Us, dog-owning women tend to give birth to healthier babies.

That’s right! If you’re pregnant and following all of the doctor’s orders for a healthy, happy baby, it’s time to add a dog to the list.

The data looks at children born to households with pets, 70 percent of them being dogs, and found that these children have higher levels of two important strains of gut bacteria. According to the study, these strains are "linked to decreased risks of obesity and allergic disease."

This is fantastic news for any dog owner who is expecting! You won’t have to swallow any pills or attend any pregnant yoga classes to get these health benefits for your little one.

The science also shows that even if you get rid of the dog before the baby comes, the child can still benefit from the prenatal exposure. Adopting a dog for nine months and then giving it away is pretty cruel, but there are more options. If you want to get the health benefits but don’t necessarily want a dog in your newborn’s life, you could foster or ask your dog-owning friends if you can babysit.

But getting an adorable dog of your own seems a whole lot better, doesn’t it?

So, if getting a dog has always seemed irresponsible, this study makes it the right thing to do, right?!

Aside from all of the gut bacteria stuff that we don’t fully understand, dogs typically bring joy and happiness to their owners. And if a pregnant lady can get a little extra joy and happiness out of her day, that can only lead to good things for both her, her partner and her baby.